The large bridges spanning the Mekong distributaries are part of the recent developments connecting the delta to to the urban centre of Ho Chi Minh City. Gone are the long queues of cars and trucks waiting at ferry terminals. Trucks, buses and cars now cross the water in numbers that are growing. Traditional methods of transport (animal drawn carts, bicycles and usual walks to local markets remain in the smaller more remote farm areas. In the delta cities and the larger towns mechanised transport is replacing traditional modes. The opening transport network map illustrates changes for the delta. The planned road extensions will remove the isolation experienced in parts of the delta.The rivers will continue to be major highways to the interior. The photographs indicate the variety of transport. The attachment provides an opportunity for students to recognise transport modes and pathways in given situations This unit can standalone supporting examples of transport or it can be used to broaden understanding of the delta when used with the other 3 titles in the series.



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