The Wheels on the Bus BOOK making activity

Here you will find the templates for a book based on ‘The wheels on the bus’ song.

The idea to illustrate a book. For that children will have to cut each page in halves, so that the final book with be A5 size. Each page comes with an illustration. After working on how books are illustrated, children will be encouraged to find their own illustration style. Every single productions will be appreciated as original work of the student and accepted as valid.

The small book will have one page be dedicated to children illustrations and another to the text. The front and back covers might be made with recycled paper. They will be allowed to created their illustrations using their favourite technique.

Pages and covers will be put togheter using lazes, so that they can be turned as a book. (This is just a first draft of the book-activity. Teachers are encourgaged to develop the activity to fit their aims)

We will be working on: English Language teaching (all the activity will be done in English), cultural elements (a traditional song as starting point), creativity (using different art techniques to create a book), reading/writing/illustrating (learning the parts of the book and how to create one).


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