Transport Revolution in Britain 1750 - 1900

This great resource has been tried and tested over the past 30 years and has never failed to grab the attention and engage my students. This introductory lesson looks at the causes and consequences of the Transport Revolution in Britain.

The worksheet is designed for middle and top set students, whilst the accompanying PowerPoint has a mix of activities to engage the full range of abilities. As with all my activities, they designed to be interactive and promote discussion and develop students thinking skills.

They include:

A snowballing starter activity of the key words for the lesson
Source matching exercise of different transport methods in the 18th Century
A self / review activity of the answers
Map Exercise: What changed / stayed the same 400AD to 1700
Heads and tails activity of the causes and consequences of 18th century transport revolution
A thinking skills review exercise of which were the most important factors
Map Exercise: What changed / stayed the same 1700 to 1800

The aims and objectives are:

Theme: The Transport Revolution 1750 - 1900
Know: What problems faced Britain’s transport network in 1750?
Understand: Why did Britain’s transport network change in the 18th Century?
Evaluate: Why were these changes necessary?

WILF: What Am I Looking For?
Identify & describe: The problems facing the transport network in 1750?
Explain: What pressures were forcing the system to change?
Analyse: Begin to come to a judgement on which pressures or causes were the most important?

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