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No et moi - Etude des chapitres 1 à 31 - Worth more than £40!!

No et moi - Etude des chapitres 1 à 31 - Worth more than £40!!

New A-level and A2 A study of the first 31 chapters of the book with power-point presentations and questions to guide students as well as resources to help you analyse the book. These resources include: - Power-points with plenty of questions to guide your students through the book - A booklet with all the main quotes from the first two chapters - An article study on the social topic studied in the book to have a better understanding of the context - Comprehension exercises of extracts - Written analysis of many chapters - Different worksheets with main quotes from the chapters to analyse or questions that lead your students to analyse - Quizzes to check students' understanding of the chapters - Answer booklets for the last ten chapters (I will add the others progressively but the analysis answer most questions) - Vocabulary sheets for chapters 1 to 20 with a link to the Quizlet course (I will soon add the other chapters too) ***Offered*** 1- A speaking game with cards and the rules to check students' understanding of the book. (All the cards are editable so you can add more if you wish or change the questions.) Worth £3!! It includes: - A set of editable cards with questions - The rules in French for your students to play the game 2- An essay planning bundle with a power-point and three worksheets to help your students with their essay writing. Worth £4!! It includes: - Power-points with plenty of questions to guide your students through the essay planning - Teaching tips and lesson plan under most slides (do not forget to check them) - Three editable worksheets to teach essay structures to your students and sentence building - An essay sample with a range of activities and questions to help student understand how to write an essay and what to look for in the mark scheme - A lesson that will help your students to understand the new mark scheme and how they should write a successful essay - A power-point with a worksheet explaining and teaching how you can you the subjunctive in your essays. Based on the novel. 3- A power-point and worksheets on how to use the subjunctive in essays. Worth £3!! 4- A new resource based on the movie No et moi to help your students with the chronology of the book. Provided with the answer booklet. Worth £4.50!! A total of £14.50 of FREE resources!! I will soon add more resources on the book so please do not hesitate to visit my shop: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/MllePierre I hope you will enjoy my resources and if you have a question on a particular slide or activity, please do not hesitate to contact me or leave me a message. I would really appreciate some feedback :-) Thank you very much. @EloCamden

By MllePierre

Les aspects positifs d'une société diverse- l’enrichissement dû à la mixité ethnique- year2 French

Les aspects positifs d'une société diverse- l’enrichissement dû à la mixité ethnique- year2 French

This resource contains teaching material for the FIRST PART of the topic: 'Les aspects positifs d'une société diverse':' l’enrichissement dû à la mixité ethnique'. It is composed of three parts: 'les origines du multiculturalisme, les bénéfices de la mixité ethnique et le multiculturalisme- échec ou succès?' It includes a PPT presentation (approx. 30 slides with some answer slides) reading, listening, writing and speaking activities vocabulary cards (you will need Tarsia to print the cards) statistic discussions video comprehensions translation activities (Fr to En and En to Fr) with their markscheme a link to a free online vocab learning course a vocab test linked to the course homework tasks activities are differentiated and exam-style (the first 10 files are previews of what is included in the .zip folder) If you are interested in more resources of this type, check out this facebook page @frenchresources where links and freebies are posted regularly

By laprofdefrancais

French System of Governance - Overview and Key Facts

French System of Governance - Overview and Key Facts

This is a learning package that includes a power point presentation, an activity and a 5-question quiz. It can easily be used for two full lesons. The presentation and activity are devised in such a way that the student learns the basic facts about the French system of governance and also evaluates the role of key actors. This lesson is excellent for a French class, Global Politics or any class related to Political Science. It is suitable for students aged 13 above. The learning outcomes are: Identifying the three branches of the French government; Understanding the concept of the separation of powers; Understanding how the electoral process functions; Evaluating the role of the President within the French system of government; Identifying the key political parties in France.

By filip_kokotovic

5 Video Resources for A Level French

5 Video Resources for A Level French

Attached is a bundle of 5 Videos resources with with a comprehension worksheets and transcription on various A Level topics: Immigration, New Technologies, Heritage, Volunteering and Tourisme. These video are an excellent way to broaden student's knowledge, improve their listening skills and elicit conversations and debates.

By jeromsauvin