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Learning Portuguese Is Fun! - Bundle

Learning Portuguese Is Fun! - Bundle

Are you learning Portuguese? Are you looking for a fun way to learn Portuguese? I have developed a way to learn different languages based on my experience as an ESL teacher. This pack has 57 different settings for students to talk about in Portuguese. The worksheets themselves are in English and the students do need to translate the places and objects they see into Portuguese. At the end of the session, the students can play a fun game of word bingo to show they have mastered that day's vocabulary. Try it, it is a lot of fun for everyone!

By peterfogarty

Body Parts Bingo / Bingo El Cuerpo / Bingo Les corps / Bingo rhanau'r corff / EAL Body parts

Body Parts Bingo / Bingo El Cuerpo / Bingo Les corps / Bingo rhanau'r corff / EAL Body parts

This fantastic resource can be used to reinforce the names of the body parts in any language of your choice. I personally have used the resource in the teaching of more than one language, to huge success. The resource includes 20 different bingo sheets which can be laminated to be reused. This is a fun way to reinforce vocabulary. This resource is also a great way to reinforce English language with students who are new to English in small groups or using native speakers as role models.

By la.jonquille

Portuguese - Introduction to the Language

Portuguese - Introduction to the Language

A PowerPoint presentation to introduce pupils to the Portuguese language. Presentation contains: - General questions for pupils to consider (eg. how many people speak the language, where it is spoken, famous speakers of the language) - Expressions to learn greetings in Portuguese - Question and answer in Portuguese for asking and giving name, age and where you live Useful for a one-off lesson during Languages Week or similar event.

By Roisin89