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GCSE Islam Bundle

GCSE Islam Bundle

Download this for FREE: New accounts and first-time buyers just enter OUTSTANDINGOCT at the checkout :) Code expires on the 31st of October! A collection of resource I put together for those teaching about Islam at GCSE level :)
PowerPoint to accompany RE unit 'What it means to belong' for  ks 1- 6 lessons

PowerPoint to accompany RE unit 'What it means to belong' for ks 1- 6 lessons

KS 1 PowerPoint which covers 6 hours of learning for a RE unit on belonging. Specifically designed to match the Warwickshire and Coventry 17-22 syllabus unit 1.7, however will fit most other RE schemes for KS 1 on this topic. Introduces the faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism using faith child images to symbolize faith along with traditional symbolism. Includes working links to a variety of relevant videos to support learning. Worksheets included in PowerPoint, (printable slides for pupil use) to enable modelling using the inking tool on smart boards. Will enable learners to produce work to show above expected levels if able.
What is Atheism? KS2 lesson

What is Atheism? KS2 lesson

‘What is Atheism?’ provides an introduction to Atheism and Humanism for Key Stage 2 students. Briefly covering the history of religion and the reasons why atheists choose not to believe in God, the lesson proceeds to ask open-ended and non-judgmental questions about religion in order to encourage class discussion and foster critical-thinking. SMSC: This lesson promotes universal values of tolerance and compassion for all, regardless of religious background or experience. ‘What is Atheism?’ has been adapted with permission from the book 'Atheism For Kids' by Jessica Thorpe and Teal Barnes. Atheism For Kids was written alongside the National Curriculum and is ideal for home educators or those teaching atheism in schools. For more information on Atheism For Kids, see: http://www.atheistbooks.net/thorpe-barnes-atheism-for-kids/