Preschool Cantonese resources: my life

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Clothes 'Follemathiques' starter

Clothes 'Follemathiques' starter

Whole-class activity, which could become pairwork. Instead of saying, for example, “2 plus 3”, you say, “une robe plus des chaussures”. Students’ answers would then be “une veste”, instead of “5”. Make the calculation as complicated as you like!

By kross

Chinese Bundle

Chinese Bundle

This teaching pack includes visual images of life in ancient China, how the Chinese celebrate their national day and a fun set of worksheets for people wanting to learn Cantonese. Please note the these language worksheets are in English and do not contain Cantonese.

By peterfogarty

SWISS mountains & landscapes in WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS & ART PRINTS by Dutch graphic woman artist

SWISS mountains & landscapes in WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS & ART PRINTS by Dutch graphic woman artist

Swiss mountain landscapes of the Alpine area, made by the senior woman-artist Hubertine Heijermans. Her Swiss landscapes she made in art prints and in colorful watercolor paintings on paper. Hubertine Heijermans lives as senior woman-artist in the Vaud canton, in Switzerland. Her print art and watercolors show very detailed the Swiss regional agriculture landscapes, fields, hills, mountains and meadows in the Pré-Alp area, Le Romande - on the French side of Switzerland. She also paints the farm-houses, wooden barns, rural sheds é stables. You can use the images freely, but mention her artist-name! You can find more images of her watercolor art on Flickr, under her name: Hubertine Heijermans. - Fons Heijnsbroek

By Matrozenhof