Preschool French resources: non fiction

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French Books Read Aloud - QR Codes

French Books Read Aloud - QR Codes

This set includes 16 QR codes for books read aloud with the words provided for students to follow. 10 QR codes for books (5 French, 5 English) read aloud using audio, but do not provide the words for following along. Great resources for your listening centre and/or 5 au quotidien. Your students will require an iPad/tablet with a QR scanner. (I have run the URLS through Safeshare, so there won't be any ads or pop-ups.) The books have been found online using various sites, and as such could be removed from the internet at any time. Should you find a resource no longer works please contact me so that I can alter the resource.

By chezgalamb

L'écrivaine, Francine Christophe, raconte un petit miracle vécu à Bergen-Belsen

L'écrivaine, Francine Christophe, raconte un petit miracle vécu à Bergen-Belsen

I stumbled across this extraordinarily moving and hopeful clip yesterday and feel that it deserves a wider audience. In clear, careful and beautifully articulated French, author Francine Christophe recounts a little miracle that was born of an act of kindness in Bergen-Belsen. I've done very little other than to put together a transcript of the story, with a link to a second, related clip and a bibliography of Christophe's work. I've also included a link to a version of the clip with English subtitles for any of your anglophone colleagues who may be looking for something for their history classes or Remembrance Day.

By Carlav

300 generic lesson activities - 25% sample

300 generic lesson activities - 25% sample

This is a 25% sample of my very popular resource. The full resource can be found by searching for '300 generic lesson activities'. (Following its success in the summer sale, I have kept the sale price of £3). The description for the full file is as follows: Create lessons in seconds with this HUGE PowerPoint of animated lesson activities. There are HUNDREDS of templates that you can over-type in seconds to create engaging lesson material. Highly praised by John Simpkin of Spartacus Educational and Mark Warner of Teaching Ideas. I am very confident you will like this. If you do, please click on my profile to see my other popular resources. Thanks (This file also has a bank of PowerPoint timers) The size of the file should show you how much stuff there is! Without sounding overly confident - it's the best resource out there! Many thanks Copyright T.Taylor

By whizzbangbang