Preschool Spanish resources: tourist office and visitor information

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Flashcards - OCR GCSE Spanish: Vocabulary List - Holiday

Flashcards - OCR GCSE Spanish: Vocabulary List - Holiday

I have put every word in the vocabulary list that OCR publishes onto flashcards. This pack is just on the topic of holidays, but I have published all the other topics here on TES. If you are familiar with these words then the exam will be incredibly easy, since these are the only words that they will use in the exam. In this bundle, I have printed a pack with pictures, a pack in which you fold down the middle and a pack which you print double sided. The different packs are all exactly the same words, just choose the one which will help the words stick in your mind.

By Glazebrook

NEW GCSE Spanish literacy mats and marksheets (BUNDLE)

NEW GCSE Spanish literacy mats and marksheets (BUNDLE)

A collection of 10 double and single sided literacy mats which can be laminated. They each include an extensive list of vocabulary from both the foundation and higher tier for the new GCSE. Based on AQA but could be useful for many of the exam boards. The bundle also includes a roleplay literacy mat as well as a photo literacy mat useful for the speaking exam of the new GCSE. I've also included four GCSE marksheets created for the new GCSE. These are for marking the speaking and writing at both foundation and higher. This is a discounted bundle saving you £11! Hope you enjoy my hard work.

By Joshuafinneran

Directions: town map

Directions: town map

2 maps of same town layout. Partner A asks for the directions to the destinations on Partner B's map and vice versa (I put what they are looking for up on the board). In German, but can be easily adapted for other languages.

By RoweVH



LAS ISLAS BALEARES. Palma de Mallorca. Economía. Monumentos. Castillo de Bellver. Pastissets. Tumbet. F i e s t a s y la Vida Nocturna.

By Olynj

Where is...? ¿Dónde está...?

Where is...? ¿Dónde está...?

Speaking activity - students can practise using prepositions of place in pairs. Their task is to find out where the places, things or people listed below their pictures are in the picture and answer their partners' questions. The worksheet also includes instructions and some ideas on other activities. (4 pages)

By jrynik