3 ways international schools can support students

Young people around the world are having a challenging time right now - have you got the right support in place for your students?

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As staff and students get ready to begin the new school year, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to take a toll, causing stress, worry and ongoing disruption.  

And the experts agree. According to recent research, “the wellbeing of 5.6 million students and 576,000 teachers at international schools around the world were affected by Covid-19”. 

So how can you help your staff stay afloat and make sure your students don’t become disengaged? We can help. Here’s how: 

1. Ensuring your safeguarding training is up to date

During this time of increased mental health concern among young people, it has never been more important to make sure that your staff are confident around safeguarding procedures. 

EduCare, our safeguarding training program, distills huge amounts of expert guidance into bite-sized chunks of memorable, relevant content that is simple to understand and apply. And as all courses are available on our easy-to-use online platform, staff are able to access them at a time that is convenient for them.

What’s more, the management reporting function means you can keep track of the training that has taken place, giving you peace of mind that your staff are fully aware of all they need to know. 

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2. Boosting behaviour management

Starting a new school year is always going to be a challenge for some students, and after a period of prolonged disruption due to the pandemic, behaviour could be an issue. 

But Class Charts, our classroom management software, can help your staff stay on top of what is happening in their classes, from seating plans, to tracking attendance, homework and communication with parents and carers. 

The system brings all this key information (and more) together in one place, saving time and energy, and making it easier for staff to instantly access what they need. And the analytics tools for leaders mean you can quickly and simply create reports to share with teachers, senior leadership teams and even parents and students. 

3. Supporting staff in tackling learning loss

Finding and addressing gaps in student learning after the pandemic disruption will remain a major concern going forward, so ensuring that your staff feel confident about the best ways to do this is vital. 

Our comprehensive Professional Studies package offers 150 hours of learning, covering a huge variety topics from planning, assessment and behaviour for learning, to marking and feedback, teaching inclusively and cognitive development.

All courses are online, so can be accessed whenever they're needed, making sure your staff can offer the best possible support to your students in the months ahead.

To find out more about how we can support your school, contact us.

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