Developing a clear and consistent approach to behaviour

Discover how we helped Q3 Academy Langley ‘revolutionise behaviour’ across the trust.

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Q3 Academy Langley started using Class Charts, our behaviour management software, to increase communication from school to home. They quickly found consistent and clear messages to parents improved behaviour and performance across the whole school.

They used Class Charts to:

  • Communicate easily with parents about behaviour

  • Reward good behaviour

  • Track progress

  • Celebrate achievements

  • Reduce teacher stress

  • Focus on teaching and learning

See how here:

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“A tool to save time, effort, increase parental engagement it’s the best piece of software I’ve ever purchased in school. And I’ve been an Assistant Head for eLearning in previous incarnations – introducing Frog, Vivo etc in numerous settings – it really unlike lots of stuff out there is making a difference.”

Peter Lee, head of school, Q3 Academy Langley

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Five ways Class Charts can support your school:

1.     Communication: Class Charts’ tracking behaviour app can help two-way communication with parents and improve student behaviour

2.     Efficiency: recording and using behaviour data can free teachers to focus on lesson planning and improve student outcomes

3.     Wellbeing:  managing behaviour efficiently can reduce staff stress and improve wellbeing

4.     Learning improvements: rewards and achievements allocated through Class Charts can demonstrate success and promote good behaviour

5.     Seating plans: Class Charts identifies which students work well together so you can seat students to minimise disruption in the classroom

To find and more about Class Charts, or to book a demo, contact us today.