Tes Education Insights Report:

Special Educational Needs Support Review

The second report in the Tes Education Insights series focuses on the developments in the school special educational needs provision market in the past 12 months, including a full analysis of how businesses and suppliers - as well as educational services - will be impacted by the policy changes in the UK. It also includes an exclusive webinar featuring leading sector figures discussing the key pain points and challenges in the special educational needs system.

The free report and webinar are available alongside the first Tes Education Insights report and webinar, which reviewed the first quarter of 2022, including a detailed overview of the Schools White Paper and the Muir Report.

Special Educational Needs Support Review

What's included in the Tes Education Insights?

  • Detailed analysis looking at what the government is proposing in its SEND review Green Paper and how it will impact the school sector in the next five years, including key areas that may require government procurement.
  • Identification of the important trends in provision for special educational needs across UK and international schools, including where technology is and is not helping.
  • Data on the number of children receiving education support across the UK, including information on the type of support and where these pupils are being educated.
  • Implementation insight on the huge changes occurring in Scotland and Wales and identification of key challenges.
  • An overview of the areas that schools are finding most difficult, including new demands on pedagogy, a requirement for more assessment and tracking tools, and resource management issues.
  • Plus, get access to our expert panel discussion on the issues featured in the report
  • A 12-month forecast predicting the main challenges and areas of opportunity in special educational needs provision.
  • A one-hour webinar featuring leading experts from the school and local authority sectors.

Tes Education Insights Expert Panel discussion

What are the major challenges in the special educational needs system? How does the government Green Paper begin to unpick those challenges and what solutions does it offer? In this second Expert Panel webinar, leading figures in the schools and SEND sector discuss these questions and more, exploring the policy, practical and personal concerns they have about where we are now and where we are headed in the future. This webinar features:

David Thomas, Regional Director at Astrea Academy Trust, and Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of State for Education, who had a key role in the writing of the Green Paper

Susan Douglas, CEO of Eden Academy Trust, a national group of special schools

Clive Lawrence, Strategic Director of Academies, SEND, Greenwood Academies Trust, one of the largest trusts in the country

Seamus Murphy, CEO, Turner Schools, a leading trust in Kent

Emily Ellington, former local authority head of SEND and Inclusion and now PhD researcher

A link to watch the discussion will be sent to you once you've downloaded the report.

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