Recruitment Subscriptions

Supporting you to recruit safer.

As a school leader, it’s your duty to ensure safeguarding is seen as a priority within your school and you’ve stringent candidate vetting procedures and policies in place. A Recruitment Subscription could help you to safeguard your pupils as it enables you to:

  • Track and document candidates and communications though the entire recruitment process within our secure Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Use online application forms to standardise your application process and allow candidates to upload up-to-date background checks
  • Use automatic reminders and validated forms to receive a quicker response to reference requests
  • Make the shortlisting and/or interview process fairer and more transparent by creating a vacancy-level scorecard with the criteria candidates should be marked against

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Unlimited recruitment advertising throughout the year, with no hidden costs

A Recruitment Subscription is the most cost-effective way to recruit the right teacher for your school. With increasing competition and high teacher turnover, it’s hard to attract and retain the staff your school needs.

With a Recruitment Subscription, you can put your worries about unexpected, rocketing recruitment costs to one side with unlimited advertising on Tes for a fixed annual cost.  So, as well as planning your expected recruitment campaigns, if a vacancy suddenly arises you can quickly reach the biggest audience of teachers.

Choose from these Recruitment Subscription packages:


Dedicated account owner

Advertising with us offers you the comprehensive support you need to stand out from the crowd and market your school, increasing your chances of recruiting the right teacher.

When a teacher is looking at a job in your school they’re also likely to be looking at jobs in other schools. You want them to choose your school – your dedicated account owner is on hand to provide helpful hints and tips to optimise your adverts and help increase the number of applications your vacancy receives. 

Account Management is a massive perk of any subscription with one person to look after you and advise and guide you on how to improve things.

Melissa Podlaski
Recruitment Business Partner
OneSchool Global
Source: Interview - April 2019

* Adverts can go into two different sections in the same week

** On request, roles will not get matched automatically

*** Initial consultation will take place via phone or online call and is only available to international schools. 

NB. Email job alerts, sponsored jobs, spotlight adverts and print adverts are available for one week per unique vacancy.

Definitions Leadership roles include: Leadership and excellence teacher, principle, director, head teacher, executive headteacher, assistant headteacher and deputy headteacher