Tes elements FAQs

What is Tes elements?

Tes elements are subscription packages that provide a vast library of Tes-produced, easy-to-use, interactive, and printable teaching resources - perfect for KS1 and KS2. 

Elements packages can be purchased by an individual, or by a school. For individuals, Elements is split into 4 packages: SPaG, Numbers, Phonics, and Ultimate. Ultimate includes all of the resources in the SPaG, Numbers, and Phonics packages, as well extra packages: Literacy, Comprehension, History, PSHE, and Topical. For schools to purchase, only the Ultimate package is available.

You'll find some handy FAQs below for setting up and using your Tes elements subscription.

If you require any further assistance then please see the contact details page.

My Trial

  • Your free trial will last for 14 days and will give you access to all the content in the Tes elements package you have chosen. When the trial period comes to an end, your payment card will be charged automatically and your annual subscription will begin.

  • You can trial each of our Tes elements packages (Spag, Phonics, Number or Ultimate) once. If you sign up to the same package again, you will be charged immediately.

  • You can cancel your trial at any point during the 14 day trial period by contacting us at help@tes.com. If you do not cancel your trial, your subscription will automatically start when your trial ends.


    We think you'll love our resources and won't want to cancel, but understand of course, that you may wish to. To do this, please contact our customer services team.

My Subscription

  • We have subscription packages for individuals and for schools. For more information about subscribing, visit the elements store.

  • The single subject packages include full access to all Phonics, Spag or  Number content.


    The ultimate package includes full access to all Phonics, Spag and  Number content plus full access to Comprehension, Literacy, History, PSHE and Topical content.

  • Each subscription package lasts for one year (365 days) from the date your trial ends.      

  • Simply log into Tes.com and visit the elements store to order your 14 day free trial of the second subject package you are interested in. At the end of this trial, payment will be taken and your year subscription will start.


    Our Ultimate package gives subscribers access to the content from all three subject packages (Phonics, SPaG and Number) as well as Literacy, Comprehension, History, PSHE, Topical. If you decide to upgrade to our Ultimate package, we’ll deduct the time you have left on your current Tes elements subject package/s from the Ultimate package price. Your subscription term will reset from the day you upgrade to ensure you get a full year of Ultimate access.


    Please note that you will not receive a free trial of the Ultimate package if you wish to upgrade.

  • Get Tes elements access for up to 30 staff members with our school-wide package by visiting the elements store and selecting the “school” option. Please fill out the form and our customer services team will be in touch to set up your account and send you an invoice.

  • Elements are purchased in yearly subscriptions. Individual SPaG, Numbers, Phonics packages are £12 each, and the Ultimate package is £30. For schools, the package is £120, and can be accessed by 30 accounts.

  • No, subscriptions are only available on a yearly basis.

  • We will send you an email notification 28 days before your annual subscription is due to automatically renew.

  • Your subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the subscription year and your registration card is automatically charged.

    If you own two subject subscriptions, each subject package you own is automatically renewed at the end of its respective subscription year. We will send you a renewal reminder 28 days before the renewal date.

  • From 1st November subscriptions to prior packages will automatically renew to the Ultimate package. If you would like to be placed on a different package please contact customer services at help@tes.com.  

  • You are required to cancel before your free trial comes to an end to avoid being charged.


    Once your Tes elements subscription has begun, it will renew automatically on an annual basis. If you wish to stop using Tes elements, please contact customer services at help@tes.com to have your auto-renew switched off. Once your auto-renew has been switched off, you will continue to have access to elements content until your subscription year ends.


    We do not offer any refunds should you wish to cancel the subscription before your annual term is complete or for any period during that year that you do not use Tes elements.

Using Tes elements

  • Go to the left hand navigation on the resources homepage. The link to the Tes elements hub is under ‘Resources’.


    Alternatively you can follow this link to explore all the resource available in your subscription.

  • The subjects are listed across the top of the elements hub page, and below this are subsections for those subjects. Use the filtering to find the resources right for you.

  • Once you click on an interactive resource click on ‘launch interactive’. The interactive activity will automatically open in another window.


    If you are having difficulty accessing the interactive resources please read ‘I cannot access the interactive resources’ in the Tes elements FAQ.

  • Some of the Tes elements interactive activities work through Flash Player.


    Unfortunately, Flash Player is no longer compatible with all browsers. You will not be able to view certain interactive resources on devices that do not support Flash Player such as Google Chrome, Chromebooks, iPads or other mobiles and tablets, and will need to switch to a PC to view them.


    If you’re still unable to launch an interactive resource, ensure that you have Flash Player enabled in your internet browser.

  • First, check that the internet browser you are using to access the Tes website is up-to-date. If you are using an old browser this can sometimes affect resource downloads.


    If you're using the 'Download all files' button, check that your computer or device can handle Zip files, otherwise you may need to download each file individually from the 'Files Included' section.


    Interactive resources cannot be downloaded but can be viewed and shared online.

  • Open the interactive resource, copy the link/URL at the top of the page and share the it with your class. They will be able to access the interactive resource without logging in, for 30 days. If the link expires, simply launch the activity again to generate a new link.