Lessons in Behaviour Management CPD for teachers

Help your teachers to tackle classroom disruption and create high quality learning environments with our new online behaviour management CPD series, written and taught by Tom Bennett, the Government advisor on classroom behaviour.

You know how tricky behaviour management can be. Running a classroom isn’t something that you can learn from reading about it, and that’s why we’ve created a series of online CPD courses that explores many of the classroom management techniques and strategies that great teachers everywhere use. Through a range of activities, real-time classroom role plays and interviews with specialists, your teachers will learn how to deal with some of the most common classroom problems that will enable them to create an environment where children are free to learn.

Starting with an ‘Introduction to Running a Classroom’, Lessons in Behaviour Management will be delivered over four short CPD courses which will be released throughout the year. 

An Introduction to Running a Classroom – now available!

The first Behaviour Management CPD course in this series is now available and is designed to help your teachers tackle some of the most common classroom problems. Subsequent courses will be released later in the year, giving your teachers time to put what they’ve learned into practice and see the impact in the classroom.

An Introduction to Running a Classroom will give your teachers the confidence to tackle some of the most common classroom problems including lateness, low-level disruption and major confrontations. Classroom role plays are used so that your teachers can observe behaviour in real-time and see what method is best to use. Strategies are reinforced by interviews with specialists who provide an insight into the psychology behind behaviour management, and each topic area is tied together through peer-to-peer discussion threads to encourage reflective learning.

This CPD course will take your teachers between 8 to 10 hours to complete and can be done at a pace set by your teacher. Unit topics include:

  • What is Misbehaviour?
  • The Psychology of Behaviour Management
  • Top Ten Behaviour Management Strategies
  • Advice for Dealing with Misbehaviours
  • ‘Low Level Behaviour’ - How to Deal with it
  • Fight Club: Preventing and Diffusing Major Confrontations
  • How to React to a Confrontational Student
  • Getting Quiet in the Classroom

Help your teachers to tackle classroom disruption today

You can purchase online access for single or multiple Lessons in Behaviour Management courses for your teaching staff for just £66.67 (+VAT) per person per course by clicking BUY NOW and submitting the order form.

On submitting your order we will issue you with an invoice and course voucher codes which your teachers can use to access the course. To activate the course your teachers must enter the voucher code on the course payment page.