Better Voice for teachers CPD course overview

The voice is a crucial, extremely influential asset for absolutely any and every teacher. A strong voice allows teachers to guide their students, hold their attention, and capture their imagination. Knowing how to interact with students makes controlling the behaviour of the classroom all the more easier. Voice disorders in teachers are extremely common, but they can be easily avoided with a few vital, yet simple techniques.

The dynamic and digestible Better Voice For Teachers is an online vocal training course designed specifically to combat teachers’ throat problems and the strain put on their voices each and every day.

Using short films, the course is able to illustrate and demonstrate the trusted, thorough Better Voice techniques, presenting simple vocal exercises that every teacher can benefit from. Each stage includes step-by-step guidance, and progress indicators to track learning.

Who will benefit from a Better Voice for Teachers course?  

The Better Voice for Teachers tool is practical and comprehensive. The programme can benefit teachers across every discipline and any education sector. The techniques taught can be applied at all levels, including primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and even on the sports field.

Key features of this CPD course:

  • Effectively eases the strain on your teacher's voice
  • Give your teachers practical teaching strategies  
  • Assists your teachers in managing classroom behaviour
  • Reinforces classroom presentation abilities
  • Provides your teachers with a life-long transferable skill
  • Supports career development through confident vocal presentation skills

Learning outcomes

The voice is perhaps the most important tool of a teacher. Teachers use their voices to command learning, to communicate ideas, and to define the relationship they have with their students. Every day, teachers must use their voices for hours and hours, so it’s no wonder that they are eight times more likely to face voice-related health conditions than other professions*.

The technique taught in Better Voice for Teachers has been used for over a century, for speakers and singers wanting to get the very best out of their voice. The course has been specialised and adapted to specifically target teachers’ voice problems.

It’s important for teachers to capture the attention of their students without the need to yell, not only to reduce strain, but also for the practical benefit of creating a more positive, comfortable learning environment for both teachers and students alike. The technique not only explores how to speak clearly, but also how to speak with complete confidence – a skill that all teachers should aim towards.

The skills and techniques taught in Better Voice For Teachers translate to environments beyond the classroom. Teachers who take the course find that the skills they’ve developed have enhanced their communication skills both professionally and socially.

From the very first day, teachers using the Better Voice technique can apply their learning in a real classroom. The progression of the course allows teachers to engage with their learning as they teach, and practise their skills on-the-go.

Course delivery

The course provides hands-on, practical material that includes a series of step-by-step videos featuring simple vocal exercises for teachers. These tasks are straightforward and structured linearly, with demonstrations and identifiable key stages of progress- allowing your staff to keep track of progress.

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There’s no wrong time to get started on this live, continuous professional development course. Voice care for teachers is so vital for both your staff and your students, and upon taking this course, you will see just how significant an impact these basic, versatile techniques can and will make. 

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*source: NUT in association with Voice Care UK

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