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We have exciting news, our Learn platform is growing.

If you are new to the Tes Institute blog – welcome! You might not know we have an award-winning learning platform called Learn. It’s a flexible tool that drives our blended learning programmes and helps learners track, store and manage their learning journey throughout their training with us.

Recently, our content and design experts here at Tes Institute have been working on expanding our Learn content and the most recent addition has been to our online Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) French Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course. 

40% more MFL trainee teachers needed by 2020

With an extra 641 modern foreign language trainee teachers needed in schools by next year, our newly updated, 100% online French SKE course has come at a time when trainees, teachers and schools need it most. 

Ranging from 8-24 weeks in length depending on existing French knowledge, the course has been developed as a communicative online course aimed at helping trainees who need to teach French to a secondary school level. The sessions are designed to build subject and teaching confidence in learners so that they can appropriately and effectively use French, not just with their pupils but also amongst French-speaking people. 

There will be 22 topics available covering the full French syllabus for schools following the British National Curriculum and the Council of Europe’s Common European Learning Framework of Reference. Each topic uses a mixture of audio and reading texts that are used as language inputs to be practised through interactive activities. These equate to over 500 hours of flexible online learning time in total. Topics have been split into bite-size chunks of 25 hours to help learners understand, digest and reproduce language learnt while subject knowledge is elevated using revision and expansion check-ins throughout the course. 

An interactive-audio experience with your French SKE course

We are all familiar with the old saying 'practice makes perfect' and our new SKE course allows you to do exactly that. We have over 100 audio and 600 interactive elements embedded into our sessions. They introduce key conversational language, such as:

  • How to talk about oneself
  • Chat with peers from other countries over lunch
  • Talk about one’s work 
  • Discuss social and global issues 

Our authors and designers have made sure that ‘every day’ French runs through each session so that learners can apply their learnings back into real-life situations and gain cultural insights.

For those that struggle with grammar and pronunciation, SKE French has short sound bites that break down phrases and words into simple chunks. This also helps to identify patterns within the French language that learners can start to memorise as they progress through the course. Grammar is introduced on a need to know basis, incrementally, inductively and some key grammar points are revisited many times throughout the course.

View one of our course sessions. 

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Meet the expert behind this course 

Anny King is the Lead Author of our MFL French SKE course and has a breadth of teaching knowledge and experience in Modern Languages. Anny is an applied linguist who studied Modern Languages and translation studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, and Linguistics in Cambridge. 

She developed the University of Cambridge’s Language Programme for Engineers (LEP), which received the prestigious DTI Languages for Export Award in 1994. Anny and her team won the 2002 Distinction awarded by the French Club des Directeurs Artistiques Artis for Retrouvez le Sourire, an interactive detective game in French and the 2005 International Visual Communication Association (IVCA) Gold Award for Get into French, a multi-media course produced in cooperation with the BBC. Anny and her team also won the 2006 European Award for Languages for the Junior CULP Programme aimed at secondary school students.

In  2010 Anny was the Director of the Language Centre at Cambridge University servicing upwards of 5000 students. On her retirement, the University bestowed upon her the title of Emeritus Director for her ’outstanding contribution to the work of the University’. 
Anny has led several development projects for online learning materials and has applied her expert knowledge of face-to-face and online language methods to our MFL SKE. 

During her career, Anny has written many articles on using technology to support language learning and has worked with leading brands and institutions to drive this. Including the BBC, French Foreign Affairs Ministry and institutions in countries such as China, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Oman.

Start your MFL French SKE course today 

If you are applying to teach French and would like to develop your subject knowledge and language confidence in French, you can find out more and how to apply on our SKE course page.