Why did I choose to become a teacher?

Harpreet Kaur


Why did I choose to become a teacher?

An insight into my journey 

The calling to become a teacher can come at any point in your life, but for me it wasn’t until I reached Higher Education. It was during University that I realised I wanted to share my passion for Mathematics and that my daily routine needed to have a purpose and “make a considerable difference to individuals’ lives” – a common quote often repeated by teachers.

Although you might call this cliché, in my case it is very true. Working in an office behind a desk all day long would never have optimised my skills and desire to share my subject.  My first experience of working with children was as an intervention tutor, and although it was challenging it solidified my teaching aspirations further. At this point, training to become a Mathematics teacher only felt natural and, here I am, now completing my NQT year.

Becoming a teacher through Tes Institute’s School Direct initial teacher training programme was a great experience and whilst teaching does bring various challenges, what I enjoy most is the learning process as part of the job. Every day has the potential to be different and far from repetitive or boring, and this has become a huge motivator for me.

Not only are teachers able to learn numerous theories and practices to optimise pupil progress, but we also learn a great deal about ourselves. For example, have you ever experienced a situation where you may have dealt with it completely differently to how you imagined you initially would? Teaching is ultimately all about reflecting.

Teachers mould and influence lives every day, shaping the future generations more than we can imagine. We have the power to not only provide high quality education but also become a positive role model for our pupils too, leaving an imprint on our pupils that remain with them for a large part of their lifetime. I am certain many of us still remember our favourite teachers. Who was your most memorable and inspirational teacher- why this teacher in particular?