Ask Tes Institute: How to fund your Straight to Teaching programme

Ask Tes Institute: How to fund your Straight to Teaching programme

For many people, Straight to Teaching offers an attractive route towards QTS, and for Kerry Vye at Westbrook Primary School “learning to become a teacher and earning at the same time was a huge factor”.

As a learner on the programme you will likely either:

  • cover the programme fees yourself;
  • make an agreement with your school;
  • or your school may even pay to put you through the programme.

If you will be contributing toward the fees, there are financial support and payment instalment options available to help you during the programme.* 

Can I obtain a student loan for Straight to Teaching?

As a professional development programme and not an Initial Teacher Training programme, Straight to Teaching is not eligible for loans obtained via The Student Loans Company.

The programme can however be funded by a Professional and Career Development Loan (PCDL) which is a commercial bank loan that can be used to help pay for work-related learning.**

As a personal bank loan, it is very different from other forms of funding such as grants, as you must repay the loan even if you do not finish your course. Please check other PCDL terms and conditions with the relevant bank. 

If you choose to take out a PCDL, the programme fees are paid directly to Tes Institute. Depending on your circumstances you may also be able to claim for living expenses and other associated costs which would be paid directly to you.

Your loan repayments will start two months after the end date provided on your application and the Government will pay the interest during the programme and for one month after you leave.

Once you have received an offer for a place on the Straight to Teaching programme, you can apply for a 1,6, 12 or 24 month PCDL through any bank that offers the loan using Tes institute’s learner provider number, 20930. You can also search for Hibernia College UK Ltd, SW1P 1SB

Please note: Professional and Career Development Loans will close to new borrowers in 2019. The final date for submitted applications will be Friday 25 January 2019, with a course start date no later than the 24th March 2019. Existing loans will not be affected.

For further information on PCDLs, read this helpful article.

What are the fees and payment arrangements for Straight to Teaching?

As Straight to Teaching is tailored to your existing experience, the fees will vary depending on the programme length needed.

Your programme length will be provided during your Initial Needs Assessment (INA), which will occur after the application process and at the beginning of the programme.

The fees for Straight to Teaching are:

Straight to Teaching programme

Total fee

Fee without VAT

Low QTS preparation (1 to 1.5 terms) and QTS assessment



Medium QTS preparation (2 to 3 terms) and QTS assessment



High QTS preparation (4 to 5 terms) and QTS assessment










Unless you’ve arranged for a PCDL, payments for Straight to Teaching are made monthly and are paid directly to Tes Institute.

They can be made electronically and/or by cheque and following your Initial Needs Assessment you should make us aware of how and who will pay for the programme.

For those accepted onto the Assessment Only programme, payment will need to made through your school.

Next steps

If you still need to speak to a senior member of your school about Straight to Teaching, we’ve put together a handy guide that outlines all of the key points of the programme.

If you’re ready to apply, contact your enrolment advisor on 020 3194 3200 or email

* Tes is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority and the guidance provided in this blog does not constitute as financial advice. Independent advice should be sought where appropriate.

** Information in this blog is current as of publication and is subject to change without notice.