NQT tips: monthly advice for new teachers

Welcome to the Summer Term. This half term is crucial for preparing your pupils for their GCSE exam.

Secondary teachers: Preparing your class for GCSE

  • Remain calm and confident – transmit your calmness and confidence to your class
  • Make a teaching topic plan – use it up to their exam date/study leave so you know you can revise all the topics you want
  • Prioritise topics – it may not be possible to revise everything, so be practical about key topics for revision
  • Share this plan with the class – Give/email them a copy so they can plot their own progress
  • Individualise revision – work in groups for some lessons so those confident in a topic can move on
  • Be organised – source past papers so you have them ready for your lessons
  • Prioritise feedback – ensure a quick turnaround of marking on past papers. Remember pupils can self assess or peer assess some papers with your guidance and can learn a lot from this so you don’t have to mark every paper
  • Display a class league table/exam tracker – this could motivate healthy competition.(know your class, this may not be suitable for all)
  • Give lots of positive feedback – always relate it to grades and potential and 'big them up'. Build pupil self confidence and self belief

Hold yourself Accountable

Outstanding teachers take responsibility for pupils learning and progress and know and use a range of pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning which enables all pupils to make very good progress. Keep revision stimulating and motivating.