Sophie Mitchell-Brady: The superhero English teacher

Sophie had always been an avid reader and after completing her degree in English, she then went on to complete her Masters in English Literature.

Sophie began working in a corporate setting within a university, eventually becoming a commercial events manager, responsible for the overall income of university recruitment and events. Working within the further education system made Sophie realise how passionate she was about education.

“I became really interested in ‘what happens before uni’ – and realised that I was desperate to become a secondary teacher… it had just taken me a while to realise it!”

Instead of re-training immediately, Sophie wanted to work in a school and get a feel for school life and so applied for a HLTA role in an English department.

“I immediately loved it, and was given teaching responsibility.”

Following a year as a HLTA, Sophie wanted to work towards becoming a qualified teacher and felt that Straight to Teaching was the perfect route.

“It allowed me to work towards (Qualified Teacher Status) QTS whilst remaining in the same school and earning a salary. I was lucky enough to have an incredibly supportive head of department and head teacher – and it was the best decision I had ever made.”

Learn about Sophie’s journey to QTS with Tes Institute below, and how she became a #SuperheroTeacher!

How did you find the Straight to Teaching programme?

Overall, I found the programme so enjoyable and although incredibly hard work, very rewarding.

The centralised hub and the resources available were brilliant, and I really enjoyed some of my modules, such as British Values for example. My Straight to Teaching mentor was so supportive: and really helped me become a better teacher.

There were of course challenges. I was teaching nearly a full timetable whilst having to maintain the admin demands of the programme, my assignments and weekly observations – but these have all made me a better, more organised and focused teacher in the long run!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about the Straight to Teaching programme?

Do it!

I loved that the course was not the ‘traditional’ route into teaching – but then again, neither was I! This suited my personality, professional experience and my career goals. The mentors are very supportive, and I am so glad I decided to do it.

How has Straight to Teaching helped progress your career?

I am now in a permanent full time teaching position in my chosen subject, and have a vast amount of CPD and professional experience. I now have nearly three years of teaching experience, and am able to consider career progression within my school.

What powers would you say are required to be a superhero teacher?

Passion – if you have that... everything else can (and will!) follow.

If you want to become a #SuperheroTeacher like Sophie, then take a look at the ways you can progress your career and work towards gaining your QTS super power!

Become a #SuperheroTeacher by gaining your QTS super power