Tom Bennett’s Behaviour Management Tips for Running Your Classroom

Tom Bennett’s Behaviour Management Tips for Running Your Classroom

Want to know a secret? Behaviour management is one of the most important things a teacher can learn - get the knack of running the room, and your students will be primed for your fantastic class plans. Sadly, many teachers get what I’d call sub-optimal training when it comes to managing behavioural problems - crazy when you think about how important it is.

Running your classroom smoothly is about far more than behaviour management, or as many people see it, ‘stopping misbehaviour.’ Of course, dealing with fights and bullying is key to successful classroom management, but helping students develop habits and inclinations is just as important. Practising positive behaviour management helps instil life skills that will allow students to flourish in the classroom and beyond.

I’ve been coaching and training teachers in behaviour strategies for years now, that includes whole school work and working with teachers individually. I’ve also been an online behaviour agony uncle, and am currently the Behaviour Advisor to the Department of Education (or ‘Behaviour Czar’, apparently). From all my experiences, one of the things that worries me most is how little emphasis is placed on behaviour management in schools during teacher training. Many teachers get through their training with little real advice on how to manage behaviour positively or effectively handle child behaviour problems. So I’m delighted to have teamed up with the Tes Institute, Cornucopia and the Norwood School to put together a package of online lessons full of the kind of training I wish I’d had when I became a teacher.

I’ve started with the basics, including simple and easy to implement strategies that can assist any teacher in building powerful habits and relationships. From there, learn how your classroom can benefit from the power of routine, help your students learn independent regulation, and optimise your teaching time.  

These fantastic resources are delivered in a mixture of different media - video role plays, set texts, written essays, animations and exercises - resulting in an online training program that can help you build (or rebuild) the way you go about managing challenging behaviour in the classroom. No matter where you are, no teacher needs to go without training, especially vital conflict management training, any more, and I’m excited to share this online course of behaviour management strategies with teachers everywhere. This course won’t magically fix the behaviour issues in your classroom but it will do something better; make you a better teacher.

To learn how to make your classrooms a better place to be, sign up to our Lessons in Behaviour Management CPD course today.