A twist on the traditional resolutions


We call them ‘new’ year’s resolutions, but often the things we pledge to do each January are the same things we’ve promised ourselves the year (or years!) before. While we should, of course, continue to strive for our long-held dreams, maybe trying something new could benefit us as well…a change being as good as a rest and all…

So here are some ‘actually new’ resolution ideas to kick start your 2019 – and maybe push you a little out your comfort zone.

A resolution that helps you step up in your career - not just in the gym

While deciding to do more exercise is a worthy resolution, for both your physical and mental health, why not look at your professional health too? An ambitious but achievable goal could be to progress in your career. At Tes Institute we see our learners develop and grow all the time. Many talented Teacher Assistants on our Straight to Teaching course gain QTS and become fully qualified teachers. Could you be next?

Plan to save more money – and give some away! (hear us out)

Many of us aim to put a little more money aside each month, and it’s a great goal. While you’re saving money, how about giving a little to charity too?

If you can cut back on spending, maybe give a percentage of what you save to a worthy cause. Or perhaps help raise some funds for an organisation that you feel passionate about by signing up to a sponsored run or hosting a charity event.  Helping others can give us that sought-after warm and happy glow.

A resolution that makes you hungry for adventure

“I will eat healthier, from this moment on!” These are the magic words that instantly make our tummies grumble and crave all the bad food! So while your prepping salads and buying avocados by the bag, why not make a resolution that gets you hungry for adventure?

A bucket list is a great way to start thinking about all the things you’d like to do. If you already have one, plan how and when you can tick something off this year. Take that once in a lifetime holiday or go travelling. And while many careers may not allow for time out to travel, teaching abroad can give you the opportunity to explore other countries while you work.

Read more – but not on the screen

Many of us love the idea of reading more. Whether it’s to escape into a good novel or broaden our knowledge. But with screen time becoming a health issue, why not reach for a good old-fashioned book?

When was the last time you picked one up? Felt the pages and breathed in that familiar book-smell. Take a break from your devises and enjoy the experience or immersing yourself in print again!

Lose yourself in mindfulness and shed the stress

With planning, marking and a million other jobs piling up – sometimes we all need to take a moment to de-stress. Instead of focusing on what you have to do tomorrow, next week and next term, mindfulness can help you focus on the ‘now’. It can help you to deal with stress from daily life or work, and can improve your overall mental wellbeing. Take a look at some of the best meditation apps of 2018 and shed the stress this January.

Resolve to teach something new

Resolutions to learn new things or start a new hobby are common, and obviously, at Tes Institute we are all for learning. But what about teaching new things too? If you have a hobby and skill, you could teach it to others to put a new twist on your personal interests.

You could also apply this to your work life and look to teach another subject. Our Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses are designed to help qualified teachers train to teach other specialist subjects. It’s another way to open up new career opportunities.