What makes a strong application for the Straight to Teaching programme?


One of the key features of the Straight to Teaching programme is the level of bespoke development that every learner receives. Rather than being a set length programme, each course is tailored based on existing teaching experience and suited to the individual and school.

At the start of this process is the application form, where you have the opportunity to provide the Programme Director and review panel with an understanding of your existing teaching experience and suitability for the course. Based on the information that you provide, they will then be able to give you an estimate of how long they think your programme might take. The information in your application form will also be used to shape your personalised QTS preparation plan, so it’s important that you include all of the key details of your teaching experience which you can then expand on when the Tes Pathway Tutor first visits you.

We’ve highlighted some of the key things that a strong Straight to Teaching application will include:

1. Teaching experience undertaken so far

Briefly tell us about the roles and responsibilities that you have held in schools, providing key information about the level, range and extent of any teaching, school or education-related experiences. You should focus on your experience of whole-class teaching, highlighting your responsibilities for independently planning and delivering lessons as well as monitoring pupil progress.

2. Other roles where you’ve supported pupils

If you have held other roles in school where you have supported pupils then you should mention them in your application. Suitable roles include (but are not limited to) Teaching Assistant, HLTA, LSA or Cover Supervisor. You should provide key details about the range, level and extent of your experience in any of these roles, including details about the key stages, phases, subjects and curriculum areas.

3. Your school’s support for you during the programme

Your school will need to provide you with a whole-class teaching timetable and also allocate you an in-school mentor. This support is crucial and without it you cannot join the Straight to Teaching programme, so make sure you have discussed the programme with your school before applying as you will need to upload proof of their support to your application. If you think you may need extra subject knowledge or pedagogy support from your school then you should mention the steps that the school will take to facilitate this.

4. Why do you want to gain QTS?

It is often said that teaching is a vocation and any good teacher will easily emit the passion they have for their job. Within your application form you will have the opportunity to write about the area you are teaching in and why you want to qualify to teach this subject or phase.

Don’t delay your application

We are experiencing a high demand for our Straight to Teaching QTS programme and places on the course are limited. As such, we recommend that you submit a completed application as soon as possible to secure your chosen start date.