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The programme offers robust and relevant training and support, to both mentors and co-ordinators, in a non-competitive, collaborative fashion.

Joyce Frankland Academy

In their first year of delivering School Direct teacher training- in partnership with Tes Institute and Davenant Foundation school- here's what Katie Ellard, Professional Tutor at the school, had to say about the programme and the support received from Tes Institute: 

"Being both new to the professional tutor role and ITT co-ordination, I have realised the true value that this programme offers to both schools and trainees in providing support to the future teachers and leaders required in our education system. 

I have been overwhelmed by the support that everyone has provided to me, at all hours- for every question, regardless of how trivial it may have been and I believe that this has directly impacted on our ability to best support our trainees in school.

The programme offers robust and relevant training and support, to both mentors and co-ordinators, in a non-competitive, collaborative fashion. 

When trainees encounter difficulties or fall behind in assessments, the pathway tutor or other Tes Institute representatives are immediately available, in school to help them reach their targets or catch up on deadlines. 

Communication, paperwork and reporting is well structured and as the course does not involve a long written report, mentors can easily stay on top of the work. 

This efficiency and ease in reporting allows the school-based mentors to fully focus on the teaching and learning development of the trainee. 

The partnership is also realistic about the landscape regarding the teaching profession and both tailor their programme and interviewing procedure to reflect this.

On a personal note- Jane, Trevor, Dave and Suzanne have also helped with my development in terms of candidate recruitment, selection and interviewing.

The strategic operation of an ITT arm to our Academy has added to my portfolio of skills- including Safer Recruitment training. I have also learnt lots of techniques from other ITT co-ordinators in the very efficient, well run meetings that we attend. 

I have had an extremely well supported year with the Tes Institute/Davenant Foundation School partnership and have enjoyed the collaborative nature of our partnership. 

I believe the structure and ethos of the programme ensures that as schools we are able to offer the best teaching and learning based experience to trainees- which will directly affect their abilities in the future education of our young people.

School Direct

Tes Institute is a designated SCITT, accredited by the Department for Education (DfE) to deliver initial teacher training (ITT). We work in partnership with a number of schools in Essex, Greater London and Kent to deliver our School Direct programme.