Will Lyon's story

Will Lyons, was recently awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), through the Straight to Teaching programme and shares his experience of gaining professional teaching experience whilst continuing to teach in his school.

Will Lyons was recently awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS

Why did you choose Straight to Teaching to gain QTS?

The Straight to Teaching programme provided me with an opportunity to use my experience and add to it. Tes Institute’s course is a high-quality programme and from the information available from both Tes and other sources, it provides a realistic assessment of a teacher’s ability, tailoring the programme and course duration to best fit the individual applicant.

Do you feel that your teaching has improved since joining Straight to Teaching?

Yes, my teaching has definitely improved! It has made me appreciate the things I do really well (or outstanding) and has highlighted areas for development, which I can focus on in my personal CPD - all for the benefit of those I teach. It has given me great confidence in my own ability and a map for moving forward to strengthen my teaching. The programme has also provided me with a deeper insight into how exactly I teach and it’s wonderful to be able to implement new ideas and suggestions from my mentor/Pathway Tutor and watch how even the smallest of tweaks can improve teaching and learning in the classroom. I’ve also learnt to take risks with new ideas, in turn becoming a more reflective practitioner and taking on more responsibility within my year group and throughout the school. 

How did Tes Institute support you during the programme?

I was supported throughout the programme by a fabulous Pathway Tutor who provided accurate and succinct advice, which I always acted upon. Quick responses and useful guidance were the keystones of my tutor's input. As well as having an excellent Tutor, my in-school mentor was also very influential - encouraging and guiding me in order to improve my teaching. Both were able to draw on their own experiences of teaching to help me by suggesting resources, websites and useful pedagogical approaches and their constructive criticism ultimately improved my practice.

How will Straight to Teaching help your career going forward?

Straight to Teaching will help my career greatly, with my increased confidence and belief in my own ability. On top of that, I am much more reflective - always looking for new ideas and approaches and sharing them with colleagues. 

Straight to Teaching

Our Straight to Teaching programme will prepare you for qualified teacher status (QTS) assessment via our Assessment Only route while you continue to work at your current school. It’s a high quality, low-cost route to becoming a qualified teacher that’s personalised to you and your school.