Overview of our Growth Mindsets CPD Course

By mastering the Growth Mindsets teaching tools and techniques your teachers can cultivate Growth Mindsets in the pupils at your school. Your teachers will learn how to help pupils to embrace challenge, keep going when things get tough, and continue putting in effort until they master the learning they face.

This teacher development course gives your teachers all the practical tools they need to make Growth Mindsets a reality in your classrooms. Mike Gershon will take your teachers on a journey, exploring the research behind the idea, guiding them through the six key areas all teachers can focus on to change the mindsets of their pupils.

Remember – every teacher has the power to change the minds of the pupils they teach. This continuing professional development course will show your teachers how to do just that.

How can Growth Mindsets help your school?

Our Growth Mindsets training is based on the theory that intelligence can be developed through hardwork and determination. If your teachers understand and master teaching a Growth Mindset, pupils at your school will start to focus on improvement, instead of worrying about how clever they are. Our CPD will train your teachers to encourage pupils to work harder at their learning and improve their intelligence and grades through hard work and perseverance.

With over 120 practical strategies, activities and techniques, more than 60 specially selected resource links and 17 videos covering growth mindset theory and classroom practice, this professional development course is the one-stop shop for changing the way your teachers teach and changing the way your schools pupils think.

This CPD course is suitable for all classroom teachers, NQTs, supply teachers or returner teachers regardless of how long they have been in the profession.

Delivery Mode

Our Growth Mindsets CPD course is delivered through an online social learning platform that encourages peer-to-peer learning and engagement. The online delivery of the course makes it extremely flexible and allows your teachers to remain in the classroom while completing the continuing professional development course in their spare time. This teacher training course requires approximately 10-12 hours of online study and the pace is set by each individual teacher.

To complete the CPD programme, your teachers will have to respond to mini challenges. Each course is broken up into units, containing a number of learning objects including practical videos, instructional text and Growth Mindsets resources. Each object features discussion points, designed to get teachers to share their ideas and their experiences. Your teachers progress through the CPD course by taking part and joining the discussion with their peers and collecting digital badges for their contributions.

Mike Gershon will be on hand to answer any questions your teachers might have and to prompt discussions and ideas. On completion of this online teaching course, participants will be awarded a course completion certificate.

Course Benefits

This course provides your teachers with the tools and resources to help their pupils understand that making mistakes are learning opportunities which will help them grow, and are not something to be avoided. During this CPD training for teachers, participants will be given strategies and resources to help students become resilient, embrace challenges and continue until they truly get to grips with the learning issues they face.

On completion of this course, teachers will have access to:

  • Over 120 practical strategies, Growth Mindsets activities and techniques
  • Six key areas of focus to change the mindsets of students
  • More than 60 specially selected to resource links
  • 17 videos covering theory and classroom practice
  • Real classroom footage showing Growth Mindsets ideas in action
  • Exclusive content covering eight Growth Mindsets units
  •  Social features that allow interaction with teachers from across the country and abroad

Enrol your teachers on a Growth Mindsets with Mike Gershon course today

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