Teacher, trainer and author Mike Gershon takes you on a Growth Mindsets journey, unlocking one of the most powerful and transformational teaching approaches so you can re-shape the way your students think and feel about learning.

About this Growth Mindsets CPD course

By cultivating growth mindsets in the classroom, we can help our students to embrace challenge, keep going when things get tough, and continue putting in effort until they master the learning they face.

This teacher training course gives you all the teaching resources you need to make growth mindset a reality in your classroom. It takes you on a journey, exploring the research behind the idea and guiding you through the six key areas all teachers can focus on to change the mindsets of their students.

With over 120 practical strategies, Growth Mindsets activities and techniques, more than 60 specially selected resource links and 17 videos covering  theory and classroom practice, this online CPD course is your one-stop shop for changing the way you teach and changing the way your students think.

Remember – you have the power to change the minds of the students you teach. This course will show you how to do just that.

Key features

  • Over 120 practical strategies, activities and techniques for promoting Growth Mindsets.
  • More than 60 specially selected resource links.
  • 17 videos covering course theory and classroom practice.
  • Real classroom footage showing these practices in action.
  • Exclusive content covering eight development unit
  • Social features allowing you to interact with teachers from across the country and abroad.
  • No time constraints –go through the course at your own pace, taking as much or as little time as you need.
  • Use the teaching course on the go –accessible on all compatible devices.

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