Turn a subject that some pupils find challenging into one of their favourite parts of the curriculum

About this Maths CPD course

Children need to develop more than an understanding of mathematics – they need to enjoy it too. This means encouraging them to take a questioning and investigative approach to how numbers work.

In this short continuing professional development course, Ayshea Craig of London’s UCL Institute of Education will be focusing on aspects of teaching primary mathematics that research suggests are effective and that often need extra attention. These include supporting mathematical reasoning, managing classroom discussion and removing barriers to learning.

Working with primary school maths teachers and using real classroom footage, Ayshea explores ways to teach the National Curriculum with the aims of deeper mathematical understanding and fluency. On the way, she explores some “harder to teach” areas of the curriculum such as fractions, ratio and proportion.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this maths teaching course, you will have a better understanding of:

  • The purpose and aim of the primary maths curriculum
  • How children can be taught to think mathematically
  • Developing children’s mathematical reasoning
  • Promoting positive attitudes to mathematics
  • Developing your own subject knowledge for teaching in mathematics and some of the maths teaching resources available to support this goal
  • Planning learning that makes the best use of time, puts an investigative attitude at the heart of all maths learning, and meets the needs of the curriculum

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