About this Science CPD course

From their earliest years, children show an interest in investigating the world around them. Science in primary schools should seek to build on these experiences by developing children's understanding of what it means to work scientifically and by fostering their skills and independence as young scientists.

This approach to teaching science is closely aligned with the National Curriculum. The aim is to stress the importance of scientific inquiry in bringing the big ideas of science to life and in maintaining children's natural curiosity.

In this continuing professional development course, Dr Esmé Glauert focuses on current areas of science in primary schools that international research suggests often needs extra attention.

Working with primary school science teachers, and using real classroom footage, she explores practical ways to teach the Science National Curriculum, and to promote a scientific approach to investigating the natural world.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this CPD course, you will have a better understanding of:

  • The purposes and aims of the new primary science curriculum
  • How children can be taught to work scientifically, and how to foster independent inquiry
  • Promoting positive attitudes to science – and scientific attitudes
  • Connecting learning about science inside and outside of school
  • Planning learning that places working scientifically at the heart of the curriculum

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