We’re extremely proud and excited to say that 2,000 teachers have now qualified to teach with Tes Institute. Teachers who wouldn’t perhaps have been able to qualify through traditional routes. So we’re inviting every superhero teacher who has gained their QTS superpowers with us, and all their schools, to join the celebrations.

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Discover the facts and figures around our 2,000 #SuperheroTeachers. From the routes they took, the support they received and the difference they will make now they have their QTS superpowers.

2,000 superhero teachers: facts and stats

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The stories behind some of our superhero teachers...

Read what some of the 2,000 superhero teachers have to say about their journeys, experience and where they are now! 

Being a teacher was an aspiration that I had dreamt of my whole life. Due to my Mum working in schools, I had grown up surrounded by conversation about displays, school visits, exciting lessons and had witnessed huge enthusiasm towards teaching and the fantastic rewards and opportunities that it offers.

Once I graduated from University, I worked in a number of schools during my time as a Vocal Animateur for a local music service, both in Primary and Secondary settings. From the second I walked into my first school, I just knew that I was passionate about working with young people. They are inspiring. They challenge me every day with their inquisitivity and motivation for learning. We have fun. We laugh, we smile, we learn together. It feels magical.

I worked in the music service for a number of years, through which I came across the school that I now work in. It is a Special Secondary School, catering for young people who have moderate to complex learning difficulties; an area of education that I had only ever touched upon briefly in my time working with children. I went to this school for 6 weeks and 12 years later, I am full time and am a qualified teacher thanks to Tes Institute! The best decision I ever made.

The Assessment Only Route into teaching is FANTASTIC. Although I had no doubt that teaching was a career that I was eager to pursue, my Pathway Tutor, Helen, steered this passion and drive in the right direction and made me believe that I was able to achieve QTS. Her feedback was always so positive, helpful and informative and I always felt that I could stretch myself just a little bit further in order to fulfil my dream and reach my full potential. Goals were set and she helped me achieve them. Although it may not be the 'traditional' route into teaching, it is definitely the preferred way for anybody in my position. I couldn't afford to leave my job and I certainly didn't want to leave my school and therefore, this route was perfect. I have now completed QTS with the most fabulous young people at my own school and through an outstanding route which has given me the opportunity to become a superhero teacher. Thank you Tes!!!  - Nicola Howbrigg 

Straight to Teaching has helped me become a superhero teacher by showing me what I am capable of and how I have been able to help, support and progress 21 little people by sharing my knowledge and understanding of the education system. - Natalie Dunn 

I loved that the course was not the ‘traditional’ route into teaching – but then again, neither was I! This suited my personality, professional experience and my career goals. The mentors are very supportive, and I am so glad I decided to do it. - Sophie Mitchell-Brady 

I was in a part-time teaching role when I started the course, and I just didn’t feel ready to teach but now I know I can do the job really well and have the certificate to prove it, which has made me more relaxed, and in turn this has helped make me a superhero teacher! - Hannah Higginbotham 

I chose the Straight to Teaching programme because it allowed me to transition smoothly from my current role into teaching.

Gaining QTS has been great! It has allowed me to become a reception teacher in the school I qualified with.   - Lauren Dodson