Are your teachers ready for TELSUAE?

With the introduction of the new Teacher and Education Leadership Standards (TELS) and licensing programme, we know that school leaders and teachers across the UAE are feeling a little anxious. But our flexible Teacher Licence preparation programme is here to help.

It will guide your teachers through the professional development elements of TELS, building their confidence and helping them to evidence CPD and their experience against Standard One before they take their final teacher licence exam*.

Our flexible, online course consists of six modules covering:

  • Child protection and safeguarding
  • Dealing with people of determination
  • Diversity
  • Moral education
  • Sustainability
  • Wellbeing

*Tes Institute provides CPD and preparation for Standard One of the TELSUAE exam only. The final TELSUAE exam must be booked and taken separately.

What is TELSUAE?

The Teacher and Education Leadership Standards (TELS) and licensing programme was introduced in 2017, in line the UAE National Agenda. The system is mandatory for all UAE teachers and is designed to standardise teacher qualifications for Emirati and expatriate teachers working in private and public schools across the region.

All UAE teachers have to produce a mini portfolio of evidence against the standards and pass a nationally recognised assessment in order to be awarded Competent Teacher Status (CTS) and become a licensed teacher in UAE.

TELSUAE Standards

  • Standard One - Professional and ethical conduct
  • Standard Two - Professional knowledge
  • Standard Three - Professional practice
  • Standard Four - Professional growth

The new system was co-developed by National Qualifications Authority (NQA), Ministry of Education (MoE), Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the Department of Education and Knowledge and Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education Training.

A successful pilot was carried out in 2016 across 15 schools with 200 teachers taking part. The full programme is now being rolled out across the region and is made up of three core stages:

  1. Applying for a provisional teacher licence
  2. Self-assessment and professional development
  3. TELSUAE exam and award of Competent Teacher Status (CTS)

The scheme is expected to be fully implemented by 2021.

How are the preparation modules delivered?

Delivered online and on-demand, our Teacher Licence preparation modules allow your teachers to learn at a time, place and pace that suits them. Our innovative online approach means that our CPD modules are extremely flexible, and could even be blended with existing training.

Peer-to-peer learning is actively encouraged with live online forums and discussions. Tasks and practical techniques are embed in each module providing opportunities for your teachers to deepen their learning and to demonstrate impact. And each teacher is given access to their own personal ‘Asset Store’ where they can save this evidence for use beyond the programme and throughout their career.

Your teachers will move through the programme on a self-study basis with multiple-choice checkpoints at the end of each module ensuring robust and relevant assessment.

Why choose our Teacher Licence preparation?

Picking a professional development programme to suit your school and individual teachers’ needs can be challenging. But you can trust our courses to be flexible, engaging and high quality.

Our wealth of online and blended learning experience has made us one of the largest teacher training and development providers in England and our English initial teacher training (ITT) programme, School Direct, is subject to Ofsted inspection and National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) accreditation.

In addition, we’ve delivered a range of online CPD, training and development to teachers in over 100 countries worldwide.

By enrolling your teachers on our Teacher Licence preparation programme, you will benefit from a course that:

  • Covers the six core areas of the TELS compulsory professional development
  • Helps your teachers to evidence CPD and their experience against Standard One of the TELSUAE Teacher Licence
  • Is delivered 100% online to fit around existing school and personal commitments
  • Offers practical hints, tips and techniques that can be used in the classroom
  • Provides multiple-choice assessments at the end of each module
  • Is designed and authored by experienced educators and a team of digital content specialists
  • Enables teachers to build a personal ‘Asset Store’ to evidence their learning and experience throughout their career

On successful completion, Tes Institute will advise the KHDA that your teachers have passed the course and we will issue a completion certificate.


Who should complete the Teacher Licence preparation?

All teachers working, or planning to work, in the UAE are now required to complete and evidence their competencies against the six compulsory professional development modules before gaining Competent Teacher Status (CTS) and becoming a licensed teacher in the UAE.

Our Teacher Licence preparation programme covers Stage Two of the TELSUAE licensing process (self-assessment and professional development). It will help your teachers to demonstrate that they meet the required professional development and Standard One of TELSUAE.

What’s covered in the preparation modules?

The programme covers the six core areas of compulsory professional development and Standard One of the TELSUAE Standards. Each module is delivered in the English medium and takes around 15 hours of learning and self-study to complete. Preparation modules include:

  1. Child protection and safeguarding
  • Defines safeguarding and explains the difference between safeguarding and child protection
  • Encourages your teachers to reflect on case studies and consider the implications for their own practice
  • Helps your teachers to consider the importance of e-safety in their role as a teacher and for the pupils they teach
  • Encourages your teachers to consider, reflect and apply knowledge of how boys and girls bully in different ways including understanding how to react and respond to situations (including online internet bullying)
  • Recognises the importance of all adults in school undertaking safeguarding training and taking responsibility for ensuring that safeguarding happens
  • Supports your teachers to recognise that they have an explicit duty to ensure safeguarding happens and that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility
  • Identifies key pieces of legislation and guidance underpinning safeguarding children in education within the UAE context
  • Helps your teachers to identify situations where child protection may be a concern
  • Identifies how schools safeguard pupils in their daily activities


  1. Dealing with people of determination
  • Examines what is meant by SEND within the UAE educational context of Dealing with people of determination
  • Helps your teachers understand and apply the General Rules for the Provision of Special Education Programs and Services (MOE)
  • Identifies the key stages of Individual Education Plans (Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans)
  • Describes the identification process of pupils with SEND and explores effective strategies for teaching pupils with SEND
  • Identifies and explains the key features of an inclusive learning environment and helps your teachers to feel confident planning and delivering inclusive lessons and assessments
  • Determines how schools support and make reasonable adjustments for pupils with SEND
  • Develops your teachers’ skills to support all the students in their classes to reach their full potential
  • Helps your teachers to apply their knowledge of specific special needs to support their identification of these needs


  1. Diversity
  • Assesses the key aspects of an inclusive school and recognises the need for a whole-school approach to inclusion
  • Reviews potential barriers to inclusion and helps your teachers learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of a range of strategies to support inclusion
  • Considers and shows your teachers how to apply strategies to support students coming from socioeconomically disadvantaged households
  • Considers and shows your teachers how to apply strategies for parental engagement and narrowing the gap in attainment for disadvantaged children
  • Evaluates Maslow’s theory of a ‘hierarchy’ of needs and how this can be helpful to teachers in making sure that pupils are able to learn
  • Identifies challenges and assesses the needs facing children and young people learning EAL


  1. Moral education
  • Helps your teachers to demonstrate an understanding of the National Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Defines what your teachers are currently doing to promote UAE heritage and cultural values and how they are developing learners' knowledge of this
  • Describes the need for collaboration and communication to promote and support learning
  • Explains and enables your teachers to apply the requirements and implications for teaching moral education in the UAE


  1. Sustainability
  • Develops your teachers understanding of the UAE Vision 2021 to ensure sustainable development while preserving the environment, and to achieve a perfect balance between economic and social development
  • Applies understanding of the three pillars of sustainability; environmental, economic and social
  • Develops an understanding of an example of a sustainable city in the UAE
  • Evaluates future sustainable resource management opportunities


  1. Wellbeing
  • Reflects upon and discusses the current UAE policy for creating a common goal to increase the happiness of its people
  • Helps your teachers to understand what characterises successful learners and why these characteristics make them successful
  • Explores how positive psychology and mindfulness can impact on the characteristics and behaviours common to happy and successful people
  • Considers and applies understanding of how the growth mindset journey can unlock one of the most powerful and transformational teaching approaches, helping your teachers to re-shape student confidence and wellbeing as well as the way they think and feel about learning
  • Helps your teachers to explore best practice, through case study exemplars, to promote wellbeing and apply it in their own practice
  • Reflects upon the importance of providing opportunities for promoting health and hygiene education