Luckley House school's story- blended CPD learning

Luckley House school's story- blended CPD learning

Ian Vallance, Deputy Headteacher at Luckley House independent school in Wokingham talks about how he uses Mike Gershon’s Outstanding Teaching CPD course to complement his existing in-school CPD.

The blended CPD programme was first trialled just under two years ago, with success, to a group of four staff members; however it was a recent visit from Mike Gershon himself that inspired Ian to implement ideas for the new term and add another dozen staff members to the programme.

“We meet every fortnight to discuss a session at a time- by firstly watching the course’s intro video, discussing the question together and then adding our comments onto the forum- combining the online with the offline. The makeup of the sessions encourages discussion and interaction and it’s been useful to compare the feedback of our teachers, with other teachers on the forums”

“We then split the next four sections up, each of us reading the notes and presenting our findings to the rest of the group. This always leads to discussion based around our own school experiences and has been excellent for sharing best practise”

“Finally we watch the concluding video and I as the co-ordinator close the session-recommending appropriate Tes Resources, as well my own. Each teacher then decides what they are going to take away from the session and where appropriate they agree to observe each other, implementing the ideas. These observations continually show improved pupil outcomes and teaching quality”

The feedback from the sessions has been overwhelmingly positive with our teachers commenting on how they’ve become more ‘self-aware’, and each time they do the course they ‘pick up new skills and tips’. Other teachers have commented on how much they’ve appreciated being able to complete the CPD and how they’ve been able to ‘implement new strategies as a direct result of the course- with lots of lovely ideas to include’

Ian adds “For £200 we get 4 full days of quality CPD for 4 members of staff at times where cover implications are minimised and transport costs are zero – it’s a no brainer.”

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