Post-threshold (upper) pay scale

The post-threshold pay scale is open to experienced teachers who have reached the top of the main pay scale. Find out what you could be earning and whether you’re entitled to apply.

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If you’re a classroom teacher at the top of the main pay scale, you could be entitled to move onto the post-threshold, or upper, pay scale. If you are competent and you provide a significant contribution to the school then you have a strong case to apply for a pay rise.

N.B. These figures do not include the DfE's recently announced teacher pay rise. This will take effect from September 2019.


Moving onto the post-threshold (upper) pay scale

Qualified teaches can apply to be paid according to the post-threshold pay scale once a year. However, progression on the upper pay scale is performance based and governing bodies make the decisions on progression, based on the school’s pay policy and whether teachers meet the following government criteria:

  • “the teacher is highly competent in all elements of the relevant standards”
  • “the teacher’s achievements and contribution to an educational setting or settings are substantial and sustained”

Teachers on the upper pay scale receive the usual salary rise when the pay scales are up-rated. Teachers don’t normally move through the upper pay scale more frequently than every two years.

The post-threshold (upper) pay scale

U1 - £37,654 - £45,713*
U2 - £39,050 - £47,960
U3 - £40,490 - £49,571

View the 2019-20 main and upper teacher pay scales (PDF)

*Salaries vary due to location. Figures shown are for 2019/20, and are revised annually.

Please note: The pay scales listed apply to teachers employed by a local authority or by the governing body of a foundation, voluntary aided or foundation special school. Academies and free schools are not legally required to implement the pay scales, so it is best to request to see their own pay policy.

Find out more about the Government’s guidance on school teachers’ pay and conditions