Everything you need to know about teaching in Qatar

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Doha Qatar

Modern living, beautiful beaches and a welcoming ex-pat community. We take a look at what is making Qatar such a hot destination for international teachers

Qatar is becoming an increasingly appealing option for teacher ex-pats, with a growing international schools scene as well as sun, sea and beaches at every turn. 

And there’s plenty for adventurous teachers to do, from the traditional souks and museums exploring Qatar’s rich history to water parks and modern restaurants.

As with many countries in the Middle East, there is a transient population and many good international schools. Teachers with experience of the British curriculum are in high demand and are well respected in their field.

More than 99 per cent of private school teachers in Qatar are international, so the support networks for  teachers from overseas are well established. 

Here is the lowdown on what it’s like to work there:


£1,890-£3,000 — monthly tax-free salary for an international classroom teacher in Qatar.

10,694 —Number of non-Qatari private school teachers (as of 2017)

70 — International schools in Doha, Qatar.

Data taken from the Annual Statistics of Education and the International Schools Database


£38.80 — average price for a three-course meal for two in Doha (the UK average is £45).

£80 — average price of a monthly gym membership in Doha.

— new stadiums built in Qatar for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Data taken from Numbero.

What is teaching in Qatar like? 

Andrei Clark is a teacher of PE and extracurricular activities coordinator at GEMS Wellington School, Qatar

“I started working in Qatar in August 2018. I found the move from home absolutely fine due to the extensive support and guidance you receive from the school. GEMS as a company is a huge international schools business, so is well equipped in supporting new staff travelling abroad for the first time. 

“HR were fantastic in organising everything; the trip and the first week were smooth experiences. The school took us on a tour of the city, took us for dinners, lunches and breakfasts and we went for a welcome party at the chief executive’s house to meet the existing staff.

“My accommodation is a lovely modern apartment in a new block in a very good location, so I felt settled straightaway.

“You get to live this five-star lifestyle that you really wouldn’t access back in the UK; over here it’s the norm. From October to April or May the weather out here is fantastic. The heat and sun just make you feel better in yourself. I have not been off sick once this year…I definitely do not miss the rain and cold of the UK. 

“Being a sporty person, I really needed some form of sporting activity for me to do in my spare time and, luckily, the football is excellent out here. I have played for an 11-a-side team full of ex-pats this year which has helped me settle and meet new people outside of work. In addition, there are lots of five-a-side leagues, netball leagues, rugby leagues, cross-fit gyms and swimming pools that are easy to access. 

“As an international teacher, you’re very highly valued. At home, I used to feel that being a teacher was just seen as a standard job but over here you are well looked after and well respected for what you do. 

“I have found the children’s families to be extremely supportive of their children and what the school is doing. They are always willing to get behind any ideas the school has, which gives you so much scope as a teacher to explore with different ideas.

“The children are very different to those in the schools I worked in within the UK. They are from backgrounds where they are used to travelling the world so they have a wealth of life experience that children I have taught in the past have not been fortunate enough to have. 

“It has been a brilliant experience working with children, families and staff from a range of different cultures across the world. This has really developed how I work and improved me as a professional.

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