Dukhan English School


Location: Qatar
Type: Mainstream School
Phase: All-through
Funding status: State
Age range: 3 - 18 years

About Dukhan English School

1. General Information

Dukhan English School (DES) was established over 50 years ago and provides education for the children of Qatar Petroleum (QP) employees who live in Dukhan.

Dukhan English School Vision

Dukhan English School is a British International School operated by Qatar Petroleum. We promote unity, respect, cultural diversity and understanding; we aim for excellence in learning and we recognise and celebrate success.

All members of the Dukhan and school community are valued as partners who can contribute a significant role to our students’ learning. We strive to create a safe and happy, productive learning environment where everyone is equally welcome. We aim to inspire, challenge and cater for all needs so that our students can achieve of their best and fulfil their potential.

The school acknowledges that we are all life-long learners and therefore seeks to create opportunities for students to access new and changing information and technologies, enjoy learning and gain skills of personal responsibility, to become reflective, creative thinkers, leaders and team members and global citizens.

We currently have around 1350 students aged 3 to 18 years with over 140 teachers and support staff at the school, predominantly British trained.

There are five sections to the school:

Key Stage 1, age 3-7 (EYFS to Year 2)

Key Stage 2, age 7-11 (Years 3 - 6)

Key Stage 3, age 11-14 (Years 7- 9)
Key Stage 4 age 14-16 (Years 10 -11)

Sixth Form, age 16-18 (Years 12 – Year 13)

The academic year mirrors the British system of three terms, beginning in September. Local religious and QP holidays are observed. The school week runs from Sunday to Thursday, the weekend being Friday and Saturday. For teachers the school day begins at 6.45am and finishes at approximately 2.30pm, unless staff have other commitments, CPD sessions and after-school clubs.

2. Students

Most of our students speak English as a second language and on the whole are hardworking, enthusiastic and caring towards each other. Students are placed according to chronological age and they progress through the school within their age peers. Class sizes vary from 16 – 24.

Each year, students in certain year groups sit baseline assessment tests – Aspects in Nursery, PIPS in Reception to Year 6, MIDYIS in Year 7 to 9, YELLIS in Years 10 and 11 and ALIS in the Sixth Form. In Year 6 and Year 9, the students take British Curriculum SATS tests. In Years 10 and 11, IGCSEs and GCSEs examinations are taken. In Years 12 and 13 students take GCSEs, AS and A2 examinations.

3. Parents and Home/School Communication

We believe the relationship between school and the parents is vital. Parents are encouraged to be involved by attending Open Evenings, Parents’ Evenings, informal school activities and formal events such as Prize Day.

Parents’ Evenings provide a formal structure to give the opportunity to meet at specific times during the year through a system of pre-arranged appointments. Other interviews between parents and teachers may be arranged through Heads of Key Stages.

Home/School books are also used to record homework/reading records or day-to-day information.

4. School Buildings and Facilities

As a result of the rapid growth in pupil numbers over the last few years, the campus has developed into an array of buildings altered to meet the current increase in numbers. Classrooms in KS1 and 2 vary in size and style but on the whole are fairly spacious and well resourced. The specialist building is just over four years old and contains classrooms, ICT, Science and Art specialist facilities.

DES also has two grassed playing fields, a small hall and a main sports hall, as well as access to a nearby swimming pool at the Jinan Recreation Centre (JRC). Other QP facilities also used by DES pupils include the squash courts at the JRC, tennis courts at the Dukhan Recreation Centre (DRC), the Sailing Club, the Golf Club and Cinema.

Plans are in place for a permanent solution to campus growth in the longer term.

5. Houses

The House system is designed to promote school spirit, cooperation, a healthy sense of competition and a feeling of pride in belonging. It provides an extra layer in the pastoral system. Students and their siblings are placed into one of four Houses on joining school.


Umm Bab Wolves Green
Shahania Leopards Yellow and Black

Zikreet Stingrays Blue

Khattiya Scorpions Red

Students are placed in Houses depending on any previous family association with a House, or in order to balance the membership in terms of gender and talents. Heads of House lead the members of staff and students allocated to each House.

6. Sports

Dukhan English School has been involved in the Qatar Private Primary and Secondary Schools Sports Association since its beginning in 1999. This currently involves twelve schools and participation in various sporting events including football, netball, basketball, swimming, athletics and cricket throughout the year, both in Dukhan and in Doha.

Our students love these events and are regularly commended for their politeness, attitude and good sportsmanship.

7. Drama Productions and Concerts

Several productions and performances are held throughout the year. Students perform to a variety of audiences including classmates, year groups, Key Stages and the whole school, as well as parents, friends and families in the Dukhan community.

8. Book Week

This is an annual event when the school celebrates books through cross-curricular and cross Key Stage links. It is a week of book-based themed activities and culminates in the students dressing as book characters.

9. Trips and Visits

The curriculum at DES is supported by a wide range of stimulating educational experiences. During the course of the year there are many opportunities for the children to be involved in excursions to a variety of places within the local area. These trips are generally linked to class work. Recent and current visits include:

Nursery and Reception Doha Zoo, Pizza Land

Year 1 Shahaniya Plant Nursery
Year 2 Fruit and Vegetable Souq

Year 3 Doha Museum

Year 4 Jungle Zone

Year 5 College of the North Atlantic, Qatar

Year 6 College of the North Atlantic, Qatar
Year 7 Doha Museum of Islamic Art

Year 8 KS3 outdoor pursuits visit to Fujairah, UAE;

Year 9 Ras Laffan Conservation Area;

Year 10 Mesaieed Oil Refinery;

Year 11 Al Khor Mangrove Conservation Area; Art visit to VCU;

Asian Games

International Award – expeditions in Fujairah, UAE.
Year 12/13 Qatar Modern United Nations – Doha

10. Extra-Curricular Activities

After-school activities provide enriching opportunities to learn something new, extend particular skills beyond the levels gained through the normal school curriculum, and to make new friends with similar interests.

Activities are held after school each day. All students will have an opportunity to spend some time engaged in a club, society or activity designed to broaden their experience and improve their knowledge.

Students have opportunities to participate in activities that may be closely related to the subjects they study during the day, for example, a sporting club such as tennis, badminton or netball. There are creative clubs such as art, drama or cross stitch. They might enjoy chess, public speaking or computer club, or a totally new experience such as the Duke of Edinburgh International Award scheme. All staff are expected to contribute to the programme.

11. Community Classes

Community classes for adults in Dukhan are held after school during the week. The courses are run by DES qualified teachers. Details are advertised in the weekly Community Bulletin shortly before registration opens for each course.

12. Summary

DES is a vibrant and growing school which welcomes all students from the QP Dukhan Community. Along with the support of QP, parents and the wider community it truly is committed to “Unity in Diversity, Trust and Partnership, Learning for Life”.

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