Hackney Learning Trust

Hackney, United Kingdom

About Hackney Learning Trust

Hackney Learning Trust runs the education services for the London Borough of Hackney. We are responsible for schools, children’s centres, early years and adult education.

Our vision is to provide an excellent education for every child, young person and adult learner in Hackney and become the best Local Authority for education in the country.

From 1st August 2012, we are an autonomous department within Hackney Council’s Children and Young People’s Service with a greater level of delegation than other council departments. We have control over own finances, employment and human resources arrangements.

We have been modelling a new way of working for the delivery of public services that is both customer focused and democratically accountable. Alongside our core services, we have been successfully trading a wide range of services with schools in and out of Hackney. These traded services are organised on a commercial basis, emphasising value for money and sustainability.

We strive to operate in an open way, accountable to the Department for Education (DfE), external auditors and Ofsted. We answer to our stakeholders, who include parents, pupils, staff, governors and members of the wider community and strive to engage them in our decision-making processes.

Since 2002, we have supported our schools to make long-term improvements, to help them reach the best possible position from which they can continue to succeed.In Hackney there has been sustained, across the board, improvement in educational outcomes. The following books "10 Years Transforming Education in Hackney" and "A Revolution in a Decade" tell the story: www.learningtrust.co.uk/pages/legacy.aspx

Address: 1 Reading Lane, London E81GQ, England
Telephone: 020 88207000


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Address: Technology & Learning Centre (TLC), 1 Reading Lane, London, E8 1GQ, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 20 8820 7000