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Lambeth, United Kingdom

Location: Lambeth, United Kingdom

About Oasis Community Learning

Oasis Community Learning has a vision to create "Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community." 

Established in 2004 we have now grown into a family of 48 Academies that are located in four regions of England, providing primary, secondary and all-through education. We are proud to serve over 25,000 young people, 50% of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds and 31% speak English as an additional language.

We are proud members of the Oasis Trust group of charities. 


All our academies are committed to providing a rich educational experience, ensuring that every child and young person has the opportunities that they need and deserve to fulfil their full potential. 

We are dedicated to raising the educational bar for each one of our young people, and to closing the attainment gap that exists between our disadvantaged students and their more privileged classmates. 

Exceptional Education 

We have a record of accomplishment in delivering consistent and sustainable improvement in our academies. Since 2014, the proportion of our inspected schools that Ofsted have rated ‘Good’ or better has risen from 30% to 79%. 

Each Academy also benefits from being part of a Regional Improvement Network and our academies work closely with their regional colleagues to share best practice and drive improvement.

At the Heart of the Community

We operate as a family of Academies in all our regions. We believe in community and aspire to build a community hub within which each Academy or family of Academies sits. 

Our Hub teams (part of one of our sister charities Oasis Community Partnerships) facilitate access to a wide range of services such as adult learning schemes, healthy living advice and activities, sports facilities, out-of-hours youth activities, debt-advice, and foodbanks amongst many others. 


Our ethos is integral to our educational provision and everything that we do – it is an expression of our character and a statement of who we are. 

It consists of five key commitments:

  • A passion to include everyone
  • A desire to treat everyone equally, respecting differences
  • A commitment to healthy and open relationships
  • A deep sense of hope that things can change and be transformed
  • A sense of perseverance to keep going for the long haul

The Oasis Story

Oasis Community Learning was born out of the group of Oasis Trust charities which was  established in 1985 by Rev Steve Chalke MBE. 

Steve’s vision was to create communities where everyone is included, contributing and reaching their God-given potential. His dream was to open a school that was inclusive and provided opportunity for everybody, a hospital for those unable to access good healthcare and a hostel for the homeless. 

It was out of this vision that Oasis Community Learning was born, and we have now grown into a significant education provider in just over a decade. 

We are proud to be an integral part of the Oasis Trust, which continues to pioneer education, housing, health care, anti-trafficking, and many other initiatives to combat social-injustice across the world. 

Oasis Community Learning is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England & Wales No 5398529. Registered Charity No 1109288 - Part of Oasis UK

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