The Education Alliance

East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Location: East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom

About The Education Alliance

Seeking excellence through inspirational leadership, collaboration, teamwork, innovation and challenge we work to ensure that all of us achieve our very best. The Education Alliance is a Trust of 5.500 learners and we employ over 600 permanent staff. We are a small, local, multi-academy trust specialising in the nurture of vital relationships between primary schools and their partner secondary schools. We are building a thriving family of ‘hubs’, each with its own primary and secondary school partnership at its heart, where one secondary works closely with one or two of its local Trust feeder primaries.

The Education Alliance Multi-Academy Trust was established in 2015 so that South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College could support the setting up of Hunsley Primary School, the East Riding’s first and only Free School. In February 2016, Malet Lambert School, an 11-16 school in Hull, joined the trust and the following year, Driffield School and Sixth Form joined as a sponsored academy. The Snaith School, an 11-16 school joined us in April 2019 and the latest school to join the trust was North Cave CE Primary School in November 2019. In addition to the six schools, South Hunsley School is also a Teaching School (The lead in Wolds Teaching School Alliance) and a National Support School. The trust also operates Yorkshire Wolds Teacher Training, the only SCITT based in East Yorkshire, which is training a new generation of primary and secondary teachers in East Riding and Hull.

The Trust aims to create a family of academies in the Humber region, enabling an increasing number of children and young people to fulfil their potential and providing them with greater access to a diverse range of opportunities when they leave school. Alongside our portfolio of secondary and primary schools we also lead a teaching school which comprises of 20 schools from the Yorkshire area. We also offer school-led teacher training as part of our School-Led Initial Teacher Training, allowing trainee teachers access to university style resources and expertise, whilst they study towards a post-graduate certificate in education. Our trainees develop their professional practice alongside outstanding teachers who share best practice, knowledge and skills, enabling trainees to develop their craft as emerging good and outstanding teachers.

We have 4 Guiding Principles:

  • Believe in the Team
  • Focus on Learners to Drive Decisions
  • Keep it Simple, Do it Right
  • See it, Own it, Make it Happen

Working in the Trust, teachers and associate staff benefit from sharing best practice from a wide range of expertise across each school. Staff benefit from joint training and a collaborative approach, leading to a richer experience for both staff and students. The Trust is dedicated to developing, growing and retaining talented leaders and staff across the Trust and invests heavily is staff development. As the Trust has developed a wealth of opportunities for staff has arisen, enabling us to develop exciting career paths for those who work within the Trust beyond that in a traditional, stand-alone academy or school. The range of opportunities available to staff working within the Trust is enriched through the status of South Hunsley School and 6th Form College, as the lead school in Wolds Teaching School Alliance and through the Trust being an accredited School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) provider.

The benefits of working in the Trust include:

  • Working in the East Riding’s longest established and highest performing MAT
  • Best practice in teaching and learning is shared in an open, collaborative culture across the Trust
  • Joint training and moderation events enhanced knowledge, confidence and collaboration as leaders and teachers work together on new courses and assessments
  • Opportunities to work as part of the Wold’s Teaching School Alliance, East Riding’s only secondary Teaching School
  • Opportunities to work with and held develop Wolds ITT, East Riding’s first SCITT
  • High quality supply of trainees and NQTs through the SCITT, providing other staff with greater opportunities to train, mentor, coach and support trainee and new teachers
  • Career pathways and real development opportunities, enabling staff to develop and progress within the Trust in a range of leadership areas, including subject leadership, SEN, pastoral and teaching and learning
  • Working with colleagues with track records for delivering outstanding outcomes for students deployed for school to school support work
  • Bespoke leadership development programmes for Trust schools staff, including emerging leaders, senior leadership and aspiring Heads programmes
  • Be part of a ‘grow your own’ culture, with opportunities for progression across the Trust
  • Opportunities for school leadership and Trust leadership roles, such as Head of Department, School Improvement Leaders, School and Trust Directors
  • A strong team ethos built on trust, respect and appreciation of the diverse range of professions, talents and personalities, working together with a common goal of enabling a growing number of children to achieve the best they possibly can

Whatever your ambitions you can be certain that we will do whatever we can to help you get there. We want everyone in the Education Alliance to be happy, confident and successful in achieving their goals. We can promise you support, care, encouragement and respect alongside a really enjoyable and rewarding working environment.