Yew Wah International Education School of Tongxiang

Zhejiang, China

Location: Zhejiang, China
Type: Mainstream School
Phase: All-through with sixth form
Funding status: Independent
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 2 - 18 years

About Yew Wah International Education School of Tongxiang

Yew Wah International Education School takes a holistic approach that creates positive, caring, joyful and appreciative learning environment and nurtures the whole person. It prepares students to look beyond the walls of the classroom and their countries and launches them on a personal journey of growth to become confident, balanced individuals with international perspectives.

Approaching 90 Years' of Educational Experience

Yew Wah International Education Schools are built upon the many decades of experience of Yew Chung International Schools in offering quality international education in Hong Kong and mainland China. Founded in 1932, Yew Chung for near 90 years has committed to nurturing students' ability to face the global issues and challenges of the 21st century. As a credit to its near 90 years of excellence in education, worldwide recognition has been accorded to the unique curriculum that Yew Chung and Yew Wah have taken much time and effort to establish.

Professor Paul Yip Kwok-wah and Dr Betty Chan Po-king have founded the Yew Wah series of schools with a passion to bring international education to mainland Chinese students. Yew Wah International Education Centre was first set up in Shanghai in 1998, and the first YWIES was founded in Yantai in 2000, providing international education programmes from Early Childhood Education to Upper Secondary. In 2001, Yew Wah School of Shanghai Changning was established. Yew Wah continued to extend its education services by starting up Yew Wah International Education Kindergartens and Yew Wah Infant and Toddler Education Centre in Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Rizhao and Qingdao. In 2012, Yew Wah initiated the "B&P International Education Park" project in Yizhuang, Beijing where YWIES Beijing opened in 2017. YWIES Guangzhou in Huadu and YWIES Shanghai Lingang in Pudong opened in 2014 and 2015 respectively. The new YWIES campus in Tongxiang also opened in September 2017.

The Campus and its Surroundings

YWIES Tongxiang is located in the northern part of Zhejiang and opened in September 2017. It occupies total land area of about 20 acres with a construction area of 91,600 square metres for maximum capacity of 2000 students. The school facilities are specifically designed to ensure that all students from different age groups study in a safe and friendly environment. The state-of-the-art facilities, including academic and dormitory buildings, a spacious canteen and an auditorium with capacity of about 1,000 people, a gymnasium with an indoor playground, an indoor swimming pool with eight 25-metres lanes and a children's wading pool, which provide students with everything they need. It targets to provide education for Chinese and foreign students in Tongxiang and neighbouring cities with through-train international education programmes ranging from early childhood to upper secondary education and overseas university preparatory programme in a unique international setting. The campus locates close to Tongxiang High Speed Train Station and its convenient location allows easy access to Shanghai Hongqiao by 40 minutes and Hangzhou by 20 minutes only.

Integrated Curriculum

YWIES integrates the essence of Eastern and Western education philosophies in all levels. We place equal emphasis on the acquisition of both English and Chinese, which is focused upon the child's development and learning from two to six years of age in Early Childhood Education. The Chinese National Curriculum of Primary and Secondary Education is integrated with the overseas high quaIity educational resources. By providing a fully comprehensive programme with educational professional and highly qualified foreign and Chinese teachers, integrated curriculum and advanced educational philosophies, YWIES has created an authentic international atmosphere and learning environment in mainland China. For Upper Secondary, YWIES offers a four-year Programme, which is divided into two stages: a two-year International General Certificate of Secondary Education, (IGCSE) and a two-year General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A Level) programmes. With the integrated curriculum YWIES offers, Yew Wah students can be admitted to overseas schools at any level of study.

English Immersion Environment

Authentic English learning environment and highly international atmosphere are created for students, enabling them to effectively build experience and succeed in cross-cultural interactions. As foreign teachers and Chinese teachers work closely together, students will truly experience international teaching styles in a cross-cultural and English immersion environment. YWIES has an excellent team of professional foreign teachers that are experienced in enhancing students' English language skills through the English Intensive Programme (EIP) and English Immersion Programme at the Somerset Yew Wah Classroom, UK.

Co-Principals and Co-Cultural Models

Through the Co-Principals and Co-Cultrual models, they allow more comprehensive opportunities for students to be immersed in Western and Eastern cultures and knowledge. Based on the themes that students are studying and through extensive pre-class preparations, the teaching team comprising Western and Chinese teachers discusses the teaching methods and content to work out a teaching plan. Through flexible Co-Teaching, they can learn and draw inspiration from each other. The Co-Teaching model allows more interaction and fun learning between teachers and students. It also helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Holistic Approach

YWIES believes in the function of education of enhancing human qualities in an all-round way, instead of mere transmission of knowledge and skills. Therefore in addition to building up a strong academic foundation for students and helping them obtain internationally recognised qualifications, YWIES offers a fully-rounded and balanced education which nurtures the whole child academically, socially and spiritually in a bilingual and multicultural learning environment.

Character Education

Yew Wah believes "The foundation of education is the formation of character'.' YWIES has specially designed various projects and activities to build up students' knowledge and practical experience for life and work. Students learn to assume responsibilities to family, school, the community and others. Every year students will have opportunities to participate in social services such as visiting homes for the aged and orphanages. Through Yew Wah's first system-wide Seeds of Hope project aiming to establish "Seeds of Hope" Schools in rural China, so that students become aware of the necessity of involvement and action in our globalised society, and demonstrate love and care for all people around the world.

Outstanding University Acceptance

Graduates from Yew Wah are accepted into renowned universities around the world. Yew Wah students have also received scholarships from top universities for their fine academic performances and potential. To facilitate students on pursuing further studies abroad, and to assist students in making the right choice of university and career, YWIES has counsellors to work with students and parents for this crucial decision. With an open outlook on global issues, YewWah's students continue to excel in their chosen fields and professions.

Global Partners

YWIES adopts internationally recognised teaching practices and assessment systems and liaise with educational experts worldwide to maintain its quality education for students. YWIES in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Yantai are the authorised examination centres of the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and as the major partner of University of Bath and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in mainland China to offer the training programmes and examination services of these widely recognised institutions.

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Address: 88 He Yue Avenue, Gaoqiao Town, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, 314515, China