Boarding Housemaster/Housemistress

Glenalmond CollegeGlenalmond, Perth

Glenalmond College seeks to appoint a suitably qualified Housemaster/ Housemistress from the Trinity Term 2021 [Monday 19th April]. The position is full-time and residential, and will ideally suit a candidate with experience of working in a boarding environment who wants to contribute to the running of this thriving and busy school. The successful candidate will lead all aspects of the House with direct responsibility for the welfare of pupils and the management of staff. The position of Housemaster/Housemistress is a teaching post but there is no preference for a particular subject. 

The House

Patchell's was established in 1889, and is named after C. W. Patchell, a long-time master of the College. It is one of the four Houses for boys at Glenalmond. Patchell's caters for day boys and boarders aged between 12 and 18; currently, there are 45 boys in the House, of whom 30 are boarders. Almost all of these are full boarders, drawn from the local area, across the United Kingdom, and overseas.


Each House is run by a residential housemaster/mistress supported by a team of residential and visiting staff. In Patchell's, the housemaster/housemistress is assisted by an assistant housemaster and a matron. In addition, there is a team of visiting tutors who alongside other members of the teaching staff provide supervision and pastoral care. As Housemaster/Housemistress the post-holder will have direct responsibility for the pastoral care and welfare of a boys’ boarding house. Pupils are aged between 12 and 18, and the House accommodates both day boys and boarders; the boarding cohort comprises both domestic and international pupils. There is a strong emphasis on community and teamwork, and mutual support. Each member of staff undergoes an annual appraisal process, providing an opportunity to review progress and identify future opportunities for development.


Residential accommodation for the housemaster/housemistress and family is provided within the House and comprises a spacious family home with one living room, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, cloakroom and kitchen; while there is no private garden, the accommodation provides immediate access to the College's 300-acre site. Wireless is available throughout the College.

Specific Duties

• Leadership of staff and pupils within the House.

• Manage the pastoral care and development of pupils within the House, including the delegation and supervision of duties.

• Promote and safeguard the welfare of pupils at all times.

• Generate a positive and supportive atmosphere within the House such that all pupils and staff respond to the high standards of behaviour, mutual respect, and teamwork.

• Communicate regularly and promptly with parents, including the welcoming of parents into the House for formal and informal meetings and events.

• Lead the work of the House Prefects.

• To be aware of, and to implement, the requirements of the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools.

• Ensure all procedures and protocols are updated in accordance with the statutory requirements and College policies.

• Liaise with the various tutors and the Sub-Warden (Academic) to monitor the academic progress of pupils in the House.

• Monitor and maintain records of pupil attendance, progress and welfare.

• Manage the House's resources and budget as delegated by the Bursar.

• Monitor the fabric of the House, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness, repair and good order are maintained.

• Be available to meet prospective pupils and parents as required.

• Promote and market the House.

• Attend all Chapel Services, College and House Assemblies.

• Attend, when possible and within reason, events involving members of the House.

• Produce appropriate House booklets and maintain a positive social media presence for the House.

• Produce an annual House Development Plan and Review.

• Write reports on pupils as required and complete UCAS references.

Further details, including requirements of essential and desirable criteria for the role, can be found by downloading the full job description which can be found on the College's website.

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