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Contract type: Full Time
Salary: €4,000 - €6,000 per month
Contract term: Fixed Term

Distinguished tutor sought for brother (15) and sister (17) placement in Monaco

The Students – brother (15) and sister (17)

Year 11 Student:   

The Student is an engaging and charming young man, highly intelligent but slightly lacking in motivation at his current school. He enjoys sports, especially football and tennis, and skis every year. His parents would like him to receive constant everyday guidance in his IGCSE year in order to organise his work and allow him to tackle the volume of material in each subject early on, allowing time closer to the exams for polishing exam technique across the board. He has the potential to gain straight A*s but this will depend on his organisation, led by the tutor.

Subjects and approach:

The tutor should be able to teach the following subjects at IGCSE and address the following issues:

History – focus on exam technique and also organise the student’s revision from October, so that he understands and has memorised the entire syllabus by the February half term. Knowledge of the Treaty of Versailles, failure of the League of Nations, road to WW2, start of the Cold War, US 1920s and 30s to be methodically learned.

Physics – increase familiarity with the core formulas and principles, and improve his understanding of how to apply these to different questions.

Chemistry – review the basics, especially atomic structure and molar equations, followed by a thorough revision of the entire syllabus.

Biology – the student has a good intellectual grasp of the subject but needs to learn it in more detail. Stronger organisation is required.

Maths – revision of the core principles behind each topic and how to apply them to a variety of questions, especially functions, percentages and quadratics.

English – improve analytical discipline of texts and ensure that quotes are always properly explained and analysed in sufficient detail, otherwise he writes well. His parents (American and English) are both English speaking and he is a native English speaker (also semi-fluent in French and good spoken Spanish). The tutor should also be able to suggest appropriate reading material and follow this up on a weekly basis. Tutor will be required to read the set texts (tbc) before commencing the placement.

The student is also studying French and Geography, and the tutor should be able to guide him through Geography, although it is less pressing than the above subjects. French is preferred but not essential.

Year 13 Student:

The boy’s older sister is a spirited and intellectually curious girl about to commence her final year of IB, who needs help organising her work and planning work in advance so that it doesn’t pile up at the last minute. She also needs her academic confidence boosting, especially in English, so that her parents feel that she can take on essays alone and express herself fluently and coherently. She has good instincts but a lack of academic self-confidence often inhibits them. The parents ideally would like a tutor who is able to help her with Maths (SL) and English Lang/Lit (HL), along with potentially Biology (HL), Chemistry (SL) or Business Studies (SL). She is also studying French (HL).

The parents are willing to be flexible for the right candidate. As long as the tutor can help with Maths and English IB and hopefully another subject, they are willing to supplement the other subjects with additional tutors.

Role of the Tutor:

The tutor will usually work with the boy for 2 hours each evening and the girl for 2 hours each evening, perhaps utilising her free periods during the day also. Weekends will be flexible and the tutor can expect to have one day-off per week, but should expect to be flexible about this depending on the academic needs of the children.

The tutor may also be required to travel with the family during the holidays, to oversee their holiday revision plans and balance teaching with independent learning.

The position requires a highly organised tutor with 5+ years experience teaching students at IGCSE and IB, and consistently delivering demonstrably high results for students. They should:

  • have an excellent degree from a prestigious university;
  • be familiar working amongst HNW families and remain professional at all times;
  • be presented impeccably and maintain excellent personal hygiene;
  • be a non-smoker and exercise regularly;
  • have a good feel for how to run two revision campaigns simultaneously at IGCSE and IB level; and
  • be strongly empathetic to the human needs of each child outside the academics, and adjust their work accordingly.


Salary of up to €4,000 - €6,000 per month for between 100 – 150 hours tutoring.

Accommodation and travel, living and materials costs provided by the family

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