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Head of Learning Enrichment and SENCo

Eastbourne CollegeEast Sussex

The College seeks to appoint a dynamic, collaborative and enthusiastic Head of Learning Enrichment from September 2021. This role will incorporate that of Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) The right person will have a marvellous opportunity to work in a stimulating environment where resources, buildings, colleagues and pupils all strengthen the process of teaching and learning.

The Head of Learning Enrichment will take responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the College’s provision for pupils with specific learning needs. This may be by providing for those pupils with learning difficulties, but working alongside the Head of Enrichment, may also involve supporting those who are gifted or talented, seeking ways in which to nurture and develop their skills. The Head of Learning Enrichment will provide professional guidance to pupils and colleagues in order to secure the highest quality provision such that all pupils are able to achieve their full academic potential.

The Head of Learning Enrichment will also act as the College’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and will be expected to be qualified as such.

He or she will be able to cope with administration competently yet speedily, leaving him or her free to concentrate on inspiring teachers and motivating young people. The Head of Learning Enrichment will have opportunity to take the time to reflect and plan, and when appropriate they will be able genuinely to enjoy the exuberant life of the College. All members of the Common Room are expected to play an additional part in the boarding life of the school, e.g. by acting as tutors in one of the day or boarding houses, by offering their expertise in coaching team sports, or contributing to music, drama, debating etc.

The College has its own salary scale and the successful applicant will be placed on the scale at a level commensurate with their qualifications and skills. There is also a generous responsibility allowance for this important management role. Accommodation may be available for single or married applicants, including those with families. Teachers benefit from a generous rate for the education of their own children, and there are similar arrangements with St. Andrew’s Prep.

The Learning Enrichment department is situated at the heart of the academic site in a suite of rooms overlooking College Field. Where specialist support lessons are recommended these will be taught individually in the department. Such lessons are dove-tailed into the demands of a pupil’s academic timetable and cocurricular activities. Currently there are three members of staff within the department.

Where pupils are identified as needing learning support intervention the department liaises closely with pupil, tutor, teachers and Hsm (Housemaster/mistress) to ensure that appropriate strategies are in place; an individual education plan is drawn up and disseminated to the pupils’ teachers.

All pupils are screened in Year 9 using the Lucid EXACT (Examination Access Test). This is a suite of computerised tests designed for the assessment of literacy skills in the age range 11 to 24 years. The Lucid Exact suite comprises standardised tests of the following areas of attainment:

• Word recognition

• Reading comprehension and reading speed

• Spelling

• Writing to dictation: Typing speed and handwriting speed

As pupils approach public examinations, additional support covering study skills – including revision and examination techniques – is offered. The College also offers an innovative IPAP (Improving Personal Academic Performance) scheme which delivers short-term one-to-one support, at no extra charge, to any pupil in the College needing to improve their study skills. This links closely with the College’s aim of ‘Pursuit of excellence’ and take up in the 6th form has been particularly encouraging.

Lessons typically last 55 minutes and are divided into two parts: 25 minutes individually working with a LS teacher and 25 minutes on an independent task monitored by staff in the department. In the case of pupils studying for GCSE or A-level, the independent task may take the form of coursework or other examination related activity.

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