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Fairview International School, Kuala LumpurMalaysia

Fairview International Headteacher Posting        

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The Headteacher is part of and works collaboratively with a central senior leadership and management team that is responsible for the strategic direction of the entire School network. This includes the promotion of IB education locally and internationally.

The Headteacher is also responsible for enrolment of their own school alongside collaborating and actively participating on projects involving the enrolment of the entire network. They would also be responsible for the devolved operating model within their own School with established academic coordinators alongside the centralised academic leadership team providing the support from the network.

In summary, one of the main focuses for this position will be the promotion of their own school campus for growth and enrolment in line with group policies and direction. This role of Group leadership and School Headteacher are both equally responsible for the promotion and thus enrolment but for the Group and School respectively.

The Role:

A. Shaping the Future

Critical to the role of the Headteacher at Fairview, is working with the Directors and others to further develop a shared strategic vision and plan which inspires and motivates pupils, staff and all other members of the school community. We are seeking an enigmatic and charismatic individual to promote IB education and its values to the local and international community.

This role includes, but not limited to:

  • Complete responsibility and accountability for the enrolment of their own school
  • Being an ambassador for the School and a firm believer in the ethos of the School to shape the strategic image and voice of the School within and outside the School community, and the wider education industry towards an aim of shaping global engagement.
  • Owning and contributing to the thought leadership vision of the School on the wider education narrative of the education industry which may include challenging industry assumptions and norms.

B. Strengthening Community through Collaboration

The Headteacher is expected to engage with the internal and external school community, and to encourage and engage in collaboration with the sister schools in order to bring positive benefits to the school and share its expertise more widely for the efficiency and effectiveness of the School network.

This role includes, but not limited to:

  • Networking and working collaboratively with other schools and education providers, agencies, the wider community and businesses and involving them in enriching the learning experience of pupils.
  • Acting as the school spokesperson in conjunction with the Senior Leaders and Management of the sisters schools to foster and promote the Fairview brand.
  • Taking direction from the Board of Directors and associated teams to guide the campus to be in line with its sister schools by encouraging brand compliance.
  • Collaboration with various departments within the School network to identify key target markets and programme development opportunities based on market and business intelligence, trends and research to ensure recruitment strategies and plans are relevant to the business needs.
  • Owning and/or collaborating with various departments to develop materials used for internal and external marketing. It includes materials such as collaterals, presentations, online content, thought leadership articles, etc.

C. Leading Teaching and Learning

The Headteacher is responsible to encourage participation and foster strong relationships with the School network within their own school community (both students and teachers) with the aim to ensure that excellent teaching and learning is provided. This includes the Headteacher setting and being an example of what the school has to offer. The Headteacher is supported by a team of middle management including academic coordinators within their own School who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the academic department. This team is also supported by a centralised academic department.

D. Developing Self and Working with Others

The Headteacher is expected to work with and through others, including our Directors, pupils, staff, parents and other members of the community to build a professional learning environment, which enables all to achieve.

E. Managing and Leading the Campus

In conjunction with senior management of the School network, the Headteacher ensures that the school, the people and resources within it are organised and managed to provide an efficient, effective and safe learning environment.

F. Securing Accountability

The Headteacher will have a professional responsibility to the whole school community. The Headteacher is also legally and contractually accountable to the Directors of the school, its environment and all its work. Additionally, the Headteacher is responsible for ensuring collective responsibility in order that all members of the school community accept they are accountable for the contribution they make to school outcomes.

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