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To date, the student has yet to enjoy an inspirational or positive school environment. Instead, he has been subjected to a succession of teachers who have failed to appreciate the wealth of wonderful attributes he has to offer. What is more, he has also suffered at the hands of cruel bullies and has felt unprotected by teaching staff on this matter. Exceedingly tall for his age and currently not at his desired level of fitness, he naturally stands out amongst his peers. He even comes across as being older than his years in some respects. However, despite his physical appearance, he stands out as an exceptionally mature young man in several ways, while yet to balance this maturity with other elements of his childlike outlook.

Understandably, he doesn’t want to return to his school in September. He has clearly lost his confidence and will shy away from peer interaction, unless this is mindfully arranged by the Tutor, perhaps during sports activities. He lost trust in his schoolteachers and will greatly benefit from an approachable role model and mentor, who can guide him on his new learning journey during his first year at secondary school level. 

He appreciates teachers who are fair and promote a safe learning environment and is aware that he learns better when expectations are high but when he is free to work at his own pace without false time pressures. 

The young man generally does well academically, although he could undoubtedly accomplish much more under the right direction. He is excellent at English and is interested in technology, especially computing. He is currently studying French, Latin and Spanish and is keen to pick up Japanese in the future. Despite his fondness of some subjects, he often questions the importance of others. He has not been able, for example, to get a proper answer to the question “what is the point of geography?” His notable academic potential shows great promise. He is intelligent, capable of working at an advanced level and boasts a superb memory.

The student is not the sportiest individual at present, but he is keen to adopt a more active lifestyle. He is interested in a range of sports, for example, rowing, archery, shooting, swimming, tennis, rugby and cricket. He is also fascinated by marine biology and would possibly like to study at Oxford University in the future.


The ideal Tutor will be sensitive to the student's past experiences at school and aim to maximise both his personal and academic potential. In the right hands, he is sure to prosper and rediscover enjoyment at school, albeit it in a new environment. In fact, the Tutor should develop an interesting timetable that will extend beyond core and additional curricula subjects, to include as many of the young man's personal interests as possible.

The right balance of study should incorporate interesting subject crossover, allowing for elaborate projects to be the centre of project-based learning opportunities. The Tutor will manage clear continuous assessment to diligently track progress to maintain or exceed peer expectations. The student is currently the oldest in his year and would probably be better in the year above; one of the goals of this assignment is to help him leapfrog a year so that he reaches the standard required for year 9 entry to Malvern School in September 2022. For this to succeed, he will need to seamlessly integrate and resume studies in the classroom by being on par with the best of his peers.

An active lifestyle and ability to teach and practise the sports of interest to the student, would render a Tutor extremely suitable for this role. The right Tutor will need to be able to offer Latin, any of the other languages mentioned, and/or have a tech-savvy nature. Indeed, it would be advantageous if the Tutor could interweave technology and construction materials to enhance projects, whilst promoting a healthy balance of screen time and other activities. The Tutor should never fail to have another project up their sleeve and will happily adapt when something new catches the young man's interest. The ability to divert from plans, yet still achieve targets, is one of the traits of the ideal Tutor.


Initially, the Tutor will compose a timetable which reflects normal school life, before gently transitioning to a predominantly PBL plan. The Tutor will be expected to work with the student for an average of 35 hours per week, with preparation time in addition. Monday to Friday will generally count as school days, although a high degree of flexibility is required to cater for any schedule changes or additional activities. 

Therefore, the Tutor should not necessarily expect their two consecutive days off per week to fall on the weekend, although an effort will be made to ensure their regularity, with advance warning of any changes.

The Client will provide furnished accommodation close to the family home; this will include meals eaten at the accommodation. It would be helpful if the Tutor has his or her own car to be able to take the student to/from activities. The Tutor will be responsible for their own phone bill and all other personal expenses except those incurred at the direction of the Client (such as entrance fees or travel with student etc).


The ideal Tutor for this role should instil a lifelong love of learning and remove any fear of learning alongside peers in the future. They should have an endless supply of activity ideas and plenty of energy to help improve the student's fitness and sports participation. Most importantly, they will be the inspiring teacher and learning companion that the young man so greatly deserves.

The role suits a non-smoker who leads a healthy lifestyle.

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