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Job details

Job details
Employer Tutors International
Location Wells, Somerset
Salary £144,000 GBP per annum, pro rata
Contract type Full Time
Contract term Temporary
Job dates
Posted This job has expired
Job starts As soon as possible

Students: A boy aged 17


An extremely capable and experienced educator is required for a position starting as soon as possible, guiding a student through his A level and Pre-U examinations. The position is based mainly in Wells, Somerset.

The Tutor will be able to teach Maths and Economics to A level, and History to pre-U. Candidates able to offer any two of these subjects should still apply as it could be that the third will continue through the school with the Tutor in a support, revision and exam-prep role for that subject. At the moment the plan is for the student to take all three of his final exams in the summer of 2017. Depending upon which subjects the Tutor can cover, the strategy and timing of examinations may change.

Additionally, there will be some US college admissions preparation work required during the summer vacation period and up to the application deadline in January 2018; it is possible that a change of Tutor during the summer or some peripatetic support will be needed to accommodate this wide range of experience and skills which is unlikely to be found in one individual.


The boy is enrolled at a good school where he is in Year 13. He is working
towards his A2 examinations in Mathematics and Economics, and History
Pre-U. He would, in an ideal world, like to finish his schooling in his
current location but he is a pragmatic realist, mature for his years, and
he can see at this stage that if he continues to study in the way he has
been to date then he will simply not be able to achieve the grades he wants
for study at University. Therefore, as soon as the right Tutor has been
identified, he will be fully home-schooled for the remainder of his school
career. As yet, the boy has not decided on whether to apply to the US or
the UK for University and would like to keep his options open. Keeping
things fluid does mean preparing for both eventualities and this means
taking into account the application requirements and deadlines in both

When he was very young, the boy was found to have some dyslexic-like processing differences. Although he has not been tested again recently (though he may soon be to see if he qualifies for exam accommodations), he is aware that it takes him longer to process material he has read, and this can slow him down when there is a lot of reading. In addition, and probably related, he suffers significant examination anxiety. He knows that he can learn to overcome these with the right preparation and tutoring support.

The boy has had periods of home-schooling in his life when he was younger and is at ease with the advantages and disadvantages this brings to his study focus and social life. His realistic and serious nature mean that he will work hard and not seek distractions. He knows that the remaining few months before the exams are critical and he is taking things seriously.

Role of the Tutor

The Tutor will be responsible for assessing where the boy’s strengths and weaknesses lie in his examination subjects, and then devising a strategy to gain the highest grades possible. It is possible that the boy will be entered as an external candidate for at least one of June 2017 examinations. The Tutor will be expected to advise and help with this process, making sure that he is prepared for each paper as it approaches.

The Tutor must be organised, self-reliant, and independent. He or she should not require ‘hand-holding’ for any aspect of the position. This role requires a Tutor who is highly flexible and able to adapt their plans to changes at short notice.

Hours and Holidays

The Tutor will work with the student for up to 8 hours a day. For the first few months the Tutor should not expect to be working at weekends, but in the four weeks prior to the first exam and all the way through the exams, the Tutor should expect to be available every day.

The Tutor will accrue paid vacation entitlement at the rate of 45 working days per annum. Since the exact duration of the contract is unknown at present the exact number of days off will need to calculated later. The Tutor should expect to take the majority of this time off after the last of the June 2017 exams.


The Tutor will be accommodated in the family’s home in Wells. For the most part, the Tutor and the boy will share the accommodation, but from time to time the boy’s parents may also visit. The Tutor will have his own room and share the bathroom and kitchen. It will be important for the Tutor to be easy going and live a clean and tidy lifestyle. It would be advantageous if the Tutor enjoyed cooking and could therefore ensure that the boy’s nutrition and overall examination ‘health’ is maintained.


The Client will reimburse the Tutor for all local public transport, and may be able to make a car available. In general, though, the Tutor should not expect to have access to a vehicle for his or her personal use.

For the part of this position that covers the boy’s applications to US Colleges and preparations for his November entry examinations, the Tutor should expect occasional travel to the US. Apart from this, there is no expectation of any travel with the Client.


The Tutor must be fit and healthy, a non-smoker.

For a full job specification and instructions for how to apply, please visit;


Tutors International recruit private tutors for private clients. We are the only agency specializing in full-time placements. We offer an exclusive, bespoke service and employ outstanding educators for a range of educational circumstances.

About the employer

Tutors International recruit private tutors for private clients. We are the only agency specializing in full-time placements. We offer an exclusive, bespoke service and employ outstanding educators for a range of educational circumstances.

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