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STEM Teacher

Concordia International School NingboNingbo, China

CONCORDIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL NINGBO School is a state-of-the-art private, co-educational, school located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. The school caters for children of overseas expatriates and provides an immersion program for children of Chinese nationals with foreign passports or residential students from Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  CONCORDIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL NINGBO opens in August 2021 and offers an English medium curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 2 in its first year of operation. In subsequent years, additional grades will be added through Grade 12.

As a faculty member specializing in Kindergarten through Second Grade, you will be an essential part of the development and establishment of an internationally minded Kindergarten environment in an International School in Ningbo, China.

You will assist in the launch of our Kindergarten Through Second Grade-school program, which is rooted in project-based learning, international mindedness, and taught in English.

CONCORDIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL NINGBO will begin with approximately 120 students at Kindergarten to Second Grade and will expand to a full K-12 school with the capacity to grow to an enrollment of approximately 800.


North American or UK national and state researched-based learning objectives from aged 3 to Second Grade

Project based learning, Montessori or Reggio.

Carrying out formative assessments which document the child’s achievement of objectives and developmental standards attained

Providing differentiated instructional support for every child

Use of digital tools to document children’s development and milestones

Participating in continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers

Delivering project-based, hands-on classes where exploration and discovery help build critical thinking skills and foster confidence.

Commitment to development of the whole child

Effective creation of family involvement opportunities


The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Early Learning Program Accreditation Standards and Assessment Items, or;

The Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework Ages Birth to Five, or;

IB Primary Years, or;

Cambridge Primary Years, or;

Similar young learner frameworks


Introduce various STEM learning methods and activities. The focus is hands-on,stimulating,inquiry-based learning with students engaged in exploration,problem solving,and critical thinking.

To prepare and deliver high quality STEM curriculums (Academic Major: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to Kindergarten to Grade 2 students

Maintains a caring, safe, and nurturing environment in class, observing health and safety protocols at all times

Provides developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for each child

Is committed to and experienced in project-based learning 

Meets and instructs students in assigned classes

Serves on content specific curriculum committees to create and update content, evaluate the instructional program, and makes improvements as needed

Works cooperatively with other school personnel to meet students’ needs 

Maintains accurate, complete, and correct records as required by school policy

Utilizes a variety of instructional techniques, instructional media, and technology consistent with the physical limitations of the location provided and the needs and capabilities of the students 

Assesses the accomplishments of students on a regular basis and provides progress reports as required

Provide evaluation on students’ performance after session end, engage in necessary communication with parents.

Participates in faculty training for the instructional program

Assists in the selection of books, equipment, and other instructional materials

Ensures that the testing, placement, and instruction of students align with their identified needs

Participates in the development and implementation of a tutoring and mentoring program for students in order to insure student support and academic success

Establishes a set of classroom behavioral expectations based on clearly defined goals and principlesUnderstands and is aware of the cultural and language support students require for academic growth, Kindergarten to Grade 2 students

Attend academic, departmental, and school meetings when required, and attend/deliver professional development sessions as directed

Supervise and accompany students on excursions, as appropriate, ensuring their safety and welfare at all times

Participating as a member of the faculty on school committees and professional association activities

Performs any other related duties as requested


Bachelor of Science degree(master degree prefer)with additional appropriate teaching qualifications or certification in a specific subject area

Prefer 3 years’ experience in a STEM program/classroom

Competent ICT (Information,Communication,Technology)user

Intercultural competence and the ability to foster collaboration and trust

Excellent communication and classroom management skills

High standard of academic and teaching skills, can inspire students with a variety of activities

Proficiency with technology including Microsoft Office, virtual meeting spaces such as Skype and Adobe Connect

Familiarity with digital learner management systems to document child progress and classroom technology

Attention to detail

Only teachers with official permission to work will be considered – teachers who are new to China will be assisted to ensure they comply with immigration and work regulations

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