Seek and ye shall find...

18th July 2003, 1:00am


Seek and ye shall find...
Every week, The TES Scotland prints thousands of recruitment advertisements from employers seeking to attract the very best of educational talent. In the summer months, however, when job opportunities are scarcer, our newspaper is a more slender offering, hence our current price reduction.

But for those of you missing that regular fix of job-hunting, we are proud to present a special Summer Jobs Extra. We're sure you'll find something worth applying for in the posts below.

Minister For Education

Advertised in anticipation of a vacancy becoming available in the next 12 months, based on average tenure to date. Subsequent tenure is also expected to be approximately 12 months (corruption scandals permitting) but prospects for advancement thereafter are extremely attractive. Previous post-holders testify that promises made during periods of ministerial responsibility can be highly career-enhancing, with subsequent problems safe in the hands of one's successor.

Minister for Lifelong Learning

This job has a history of political andor electoral risk, but continues to offer the successful candidate a genuine chance to improve lifelong Scottish education, including implementation of the Scottish Parliament's current strategy (Education For All: From The Womb to the After-Life).

Would ideally suit a bright and talented female. If she was interested in coming back.

Principal Teacher(s) Curriculum, East LothianAberdeenshire

An exciting opportunity to join several pioneering management initiatives that will see you head up diverse curricular areas. Ideally, you will have practical experience of at least one of the curricular areas for which you are responsible, but this is not essential, as your role will primarily be one of implementing "change management".

Change management is best introduced when your school has settled comfortably into the last restructuring and everything is working smoothly.

Thereafter, you will seek to completely re-align the school's strategic objectives with a view to enhancing learning opportunities for all, as well as your own chances of departing for another job before anyone discovers the complete shambles you've left behind.

Teacher of Geography

You will have responsibility for creating and implementing a development plan that delivers the requirements of the 5-14 guidelines on geography and citizenship as well as preparing the geography department's senior student presentations for SQA examinations. Textbook and stationery requisitions will also be included in your remit. Ideally, you will be under 30 and won't realise that this used to be the job of a principal teacher earning approximately pound;10,000 per annum more than you.

Principal Teachers of Physical Education (Scotland-wide) Join the higher echelons of school management and pay structures in the post-McCrone era, where pupil quotients count for more than personal qualifications! Retraining courses in PE are available for physics, chemistry and biology teachers.

Schools Heritage Officer (Inverclyde area)

Devoted to keeping non-viable schools open, this post involves the oversight and preservation of schools with dwindling rolls. Regular liaison with local press will be required to ensure that any secondary school with less than 40 per cent space utilisation retains its right to make emotional appeals to former pupils and parents that they pressurise vote-seeking politicians into inaction on school closures. Post co-funded by Historic Buildings Scotland.

FE College LecturersUnion Representatives (LanarkshireGlasgow areas) Ideal for jaded schoolteachers. Tired of being abused by spotty adolescents? Why not try the FE sector, where you can be abused by senior staff as well? A variety of posts is available in most subject disciplines.

Class numbers begin large, but most students disappear by mid-term, leaving more time for management confrontation and courtroom appearances. Thick skin essential.

Salary range: not great, but compensatory benefits include minimal marking and assessment activities.

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