8 great EYFS podcasts worth checking out

An EYFS teacher offers to share some of the podcasts she’s been listening to in lockdown that are worth giving a spin
7th March 2021, 10:00am

Over the pandemic, I - like many people - have been going on long walks. During this time, I have begun to explore the world of podcasts.

And as I searched for podcasts specifically to support teachers, I was surprised how many specialist podcasts there are for teaching.

These often presented snippet-sized CPD, which gave me ideas on how to improve my practice as well as making me aware of experts and research.

The most useful podcasts for teacher CPD I have found to date are:

1. #TeamEarlyChildhood Podcast

This podcast aims to work collaboratively for child-centred outcomes in health, education, social care and early years.

Aaron Bradbury Coffey presents focused discussions with leaders in the early years field. He truly is a fantastic presenter as he guides the conversation with his expert guests and authors such as Sue Allingham (consultant and inclusion expert) and Julie Ovington (researcher on agency).

2. The Teachers Podcast

There are some very interesting guests on this podcast hosted by Claire Riley, covering all manner of education-related topics.

As Claire was once a teacher, she knows time is valuable and limited for teachers so she explains that she offers a little bit of CPD’ on the go: tangible ideas teachers can try or ideas that help teachers to become better, which may not only be about teaching.

Each episode aims to support both personal and professional development. Speakers have included experts such as Beth Southern (EAL expert) and Suneta Bagri (mindset coach).

3. Muddy Puddle Teacher Podcast

Although in its infancy, I absolutely love the presenter of this show, teacher Sarah Seaman. Her conversation shows she has a depth of knowledge and flows very well with whomever she interviews.

Her focus is to gather those in education that support outdoor learning. She speaks to a variety of people, doing a variety of roles but all wanting similar drive.

To date, she has interviewed Greg Botrill (early years consultant) and June O’Sullivan (early years educator and specialist).

4. Foundation Stage Forum Limited

These podcasts have an expansive wealth of episodes with influential teachers, speakers and trainers.

The discussions are highly informative with guests including Rebecca Bright (The Language Explorer) and Alistair Bryce-Clegg (education consultant).

5. Tiny Voice Talks

Toria Bono enlists experts in the field to present on different themes in education, including inequality, representation and discrimination. It was created as a way for the quieter voices in education to be heard.

Toria feels sometimes the same voices in education are promoted and she wanted to hear the voices of others.

She celebrates and shares the stories of many educators. Her speakers have included Pie Corbett (English educational trainer) and John Magee (kindness coach).

6. The Teachers’ Point of View Podcast

Host TJ Juttla offers a platform for educators to share what their views on education are, what needs to happen for it to evolve and what the future of education looks like.

The podcast gives those within education a voice to share their views and ideas. He has a warm, relaxed presenting style and I particularly recommend the episode with Mine Conkbayir (educator with neuroscience interest).

7. Your Way Podcast

For teachers who are considering developing their career in other ways, this podcast offers lots of tips on advice on starting an online business, sales and marketing and creating social media content.

It shares the journeys of teachers who have built successful online businesses. Jessica, the presenter of this podcast, really seems to know her stuff. She speaks with clarity and confidence about business, which is, for most teachers, a totally alien concept.

8. The Preschool Podcast

Based in Canada, this podcast is based on all things early childhood education delivered by the ‘HiMama’ blog. The guests are typically experts in the field of early childhood education ranging from specialists, consultants, doctors, early childhood advocates, and child care directors.

As this is pedagogy-based, it is a quick way to access and understand other ways of working.

No doubt there are many other great podcasts out there - please share below if you’ve got a particular favourite.

Jess Gosling is a reception teacher for the British section at Taipei European School