Kat Arney

The ‘anxiety epidemic’: something to worry about?

More young people than ever before are turning to children’s charities for help with anxiety. But has school really become tougher for them, is social media to blame, or can the apparent rise in student stress be dismissed as a lack of resilience in the face of good old-fashioned exam pressure? As Sats, GCSE and A-level exams near, Kat Arney investigates

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Imagine yourself in the moment between realising you are falling and hitting the ground. Think about how that feels. Imagine the moment when you reach into a pocket or bag for your wallet and realise it isn’t there any more. Imagine the panic, the fear, the gnawing sickness that erupts within you. Your heart thuds and your breathing becomes faster.

Now imagine that same feeling persisting for days, weeks, months or even years.

That’s how many people with anxiety disorders describe their experience. And if the headlines of the past few years are to be believed, this is what more and more of ...

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